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ATFPL Weekly – Gameweek 27

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Each week let this be the 1st stop for all your League and Cup updates of All things FPL (ATFPL) competitions. ATFPL weekly will bring you a preview and review of the ATFPL’s 6 Head-to-head (H2H) leagues along with eye catching match ups in the Pro Cup. You’ll also find a review of the week’s Official and ATFPL Pro classic leagues.

Classic Leagues

Official league

In what was an unchanged “Top 2” has now become an unchanged “Top 3” as Jon Pears leads from Billy Ketsu who leads from Osman Ahmed. Previous No1 Manish Shrestha moves into 4th place. Jon is well inside his personal best top finish which was 1029 back in 2012/13. Billy’s personal best came a season later in 2013/14 when he finished at 759th in the world.

ATFPL Pro classic league

In what may be a first this season we have a manager who has won “Gameweek 26 most points” and “Manager of the month“.
Autobots managed by Nnaemeka Agwuncha scored a massive 99 points this gameweek thanks to only 10 playing assets. Caught off-guard by a Matty Phillips no show Nnaemeka raked in massive scores from McAuley, Coleman, Eriksen and a Hurri-Kane captain call. Over the entire month a total of 244 was enough to fight off second placed Raja Casablanca managed by Darragh Lee who scored 237.

Get in contact with Tommy to claim your prize’s Nnaemeka – Congratulations.

Head-two-head leagues

– The Mauro Boselli Memorial Cup

A rare defeat for Billy leaves him biting his nails as he ONLY has a 14 point lead now. How will he ever recover. Will his season unravel like a grandma knitted jumper…?

– Yaya he shoots, he scores every time Touremonial

Stuck in an infinite time loop where nothing really moves or progresses the TOP 7 in this league are unchanged. Lucky for Gummi he remains top on 57 points with a nice lead of 6 from 2nd placed Albertini.

– Leighton Baines’ left foot Big Bash league

Jstippins still leads Darsh by 2 points while the rest are a further 8 points behind. Darsh will be hoping Jstippins fixture against the ATFPL February Manager of the Month, Autobots, Transforms into a jump up in position for himself.

– The Great Crystal Palace Rotational

The top 4 all lost this week but it was only myself (I.A.P) and the ATFPL Picks team that suffered as Moneyball jumped us into 3rd place. Remaining unchanged at the top Lefa Finland leads Kapster by 1 point on 48. Only 1 win (3 points) separate the top 5 positions. Moneyball v Kapster will shake things up this week.

– The Mark Noble Set-Peace Prize Award

After the musical chairs of last week Jjvrakking has seen his led cut by 2 as he lost to McShambles and Double Blue moves up to 2nd after a win over Oberetta. He’s still sitting comfy tho as he leads Double blue by 6 points, 51 to 45.

– The Jamie Vardy After Party

Bigchrisso (58 points) put the brakes on, now 4th placed, Nataf’s challenge this week as he defeated him to move 9 points clear of 2nd placed Mike (49 points). Mike was easily defeated by Schib this week and he’ll need more than a good mechanic to get his challenge back up and running. The ATFPL Picks team are closing up fast behind in 3rd and are only 1 point behind.

Community Corner

The 12th Man!

Our first green arrows since January and we did it with only 9 men. Philips and Carroll were on tea duties as our squad pushed them off the park and soldiered on without them. McAuley (the oldest player in the Premier League) rustled up a goal and bonus points combo to make anybody proud. Coleman had the hatty tho as he bagged a goal, a cleanie and all 3 bonus points. Supplemented by scores good scores from Siggy, Alli and Lukaku we were topped off my a monster haul from Hurri-Kane. Unfortunately we didn’t captain him but we ended the GW with a score of 73 and a rise in Overall Rank to 368716. That’s our best Or since GW13.
Opting to future proof our team for the Blanks we did the sensible move in selling Zlatan to bring in Lukaku. No fancy thinking just the right move to help us compete in a terrible upcoming GW.

The team for the week was:

Coleman – McAuley – Alonso
Siggy – Alli – Phillips – Capoue
Lukaku(c) – Kane – Carroll

Bench: Pickford Holgate Lovren KdB

Want to keep track of the team? well you can click HERE to find our history.

A season of 2 tales!

Dipping back into 2nd half of the season league set-up by forum favourite King Nil Miss we see that Lefa Finland has had a great 2nd half of the season and is now sitting top on 455 points. He’s closely followed by our very own Stoosher who’s 5 back on 450 and your February MoM Autobots is up to 3rd on 449.

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