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ATFPL Weekly – Gameweek 33

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Each week let this be the 1st stop for all your League and Cup updates of All things FPL (ATFPL) competitions. ATFPL weekly will bring you a preview and review of the ATFPL’s 6 Head-to-head (H2H) leagues along with eye catching match ups in the ATFPL Memebrs Cup. You’ll also find a review of the week’s Official and ATFPL Pro classic leagues.

Classic Leagues

Official league

Jon Pears and his aptly named team “The Champs**” remain top of the pile on 1989 points. He has a comfy lead of 35 points over 2nd placed Billy Ketsu but he will need plenty guile to remain there as billy still has his Triple Captain chip to play. Both men still have their Bench Boost while Johns has his All Out Attack, which just never seems to work out.

ATFPL Pro classic league

As has been the case for several gameweeks/Months Jon is top of the ATFPL Pro League. Normally i would follow it up with Billy Ketsu is in 2nd but making waves this week is newcomer Mervyn Glasgow and his team GForce Allstars. Laying in wait like a patient Ninja Mervyne has pounced to seek the spoils and split what looked like a straight 1 on 1 fight till the end of the season. Will he topple the apple cart and leave a sour taste with Billy or Jon?

A little catch up required as we congratulate the plethora of Winners of “Most points in a gameweek”..

Gameweek 27: Fred West Ham managed by Jimmy Nelson. He busted out a score 112(-4) for a GW rank of 850 and that was all WITHOUT an Aguero Triple Captain.

Gameweek 28: CnocanAoibinn managed by Miceal OAonghusa. He managed a Top 5k GW score of 73(-4) in a week when many struggled to fill the full quota off 11.

Gameweek 29: The 12th Man! managed by ATFPL Pro members. We managed a cracking total of 94 points this week. Mainly in thanks to our captain Romelu “Beast Mode” Lukaku.

Gameweek 30: Square Wheels FC managed by Jay Lovejoy. Busting out a differential 3-5-2 formation and going bold in midfield with 3 Liverpool mids, Jay scored a Top 5k GW rank with 76 points.

Gameweek 31: Deeney in a bottle managed by David Fern. Cruising his way to 90 points David had 4 double digit players in his squad that week with big scores from Deeney, Alli, Hazard and Yoshida.

Gameweek 32: Adrian Bartle and his team Brexiteers. Scoring a healthy 95 points, Adrian had the big hitters of the week with Son, Zlatan(C) and Lukaku all in his team.

Manager of the Month for March is Andy Parsons and his team “its not all luck”. Amassing a total of 233 points across the 3 week month is impressive.

Get in contact with Tommy to claim your prize’s guys – Congratulations. Members Cup

The draw has taken place at an undisclosed location and it was a cracker. No Rod Stewart needed as we concluded he draw in a professional restrained manor.

A sneak peek you ask?
Callum v Oberetta:
Both men write/Obsess about FPL and in this case the quill may be mightier than the sword.

Bitterandstout v Tam(TH86):
Team members face off with both having great season, BAS is currently sitting pretty at 35k while Tam is having one of his best seasons to date sitting at 4.5k

Tommy v IAP
THIS is all you need here. Will the Boss beat me into submission?

For the full draw click/press the Members Cup header.

Head-two-head leagues

– The Mauro Boselli Memorial Cup

With 1 foot over the Line Billy Ketsu is within touching distance of winning the The Mauro Boselli Memorial Cup. He has a lead of 13 points over our very own Llama and there’s 18 points to play for. Will i be writing about a champion very soon?

– Yaya he shoots, he scores every time Touremonial

Mathematically the top 6 have eyes on the prize here with Gummi ,leading the way on 66 points. Realistically were looking at Albertini on 60 points being the main challenge to Gummi, with Old School looking for a hail Mary winning streak to be in contention.

– Leighton Baines’ left foot Big Bash league

Jstippins leads our very own Darsh in this 2 way battle to the gold. Jstippins leads on 77 while Darsh has a 5 point difference to make up on 72. Darsh will be hoping to conjure some of that differential magic to claw himself back into this.

– The Great Crystal Palace Rotational

In this insanely competitive league, math says the top 12 can still win it where as reality begs to differ. The ATFPL Picks team currently leads on 60 points with 2nd through 4th (Kapster, Khal and LefaFinland) each a point down on those above them.

– The Mark Noble Set-Peace Prize Award

Jjvrakking is another champion in the waiting as he leads on 66 points from Double Blue on 57. Callum, 3rd on 55, will be praying along with Oberetta and King Nil Miss in 4th and 5th respectively.

– The Jamie Vardy After Party

With the narrowest of margins (3 points) the ATFPL Picks teams leads the conga line round the Jamie Vardy After Party. Top on 66 they lead from Mikelfc1 on 63 and Bigchrisso on 62. It’s all to play for here and the night is young, Dont Stop Believing folks.

Community Corner

The 12th Man!

Overall Points:
Overall Rank:

Nothing but green since a red in gameweek 25 The 12th Man are on an upward trajectory and we’re doing it by making small moves and rolling transfers. Sure we’ve had lucky Baggies defenders coming off the bench but our squad is solid and our small tweaks are working.
Worth noting is that we always follow CFS and assign our highest CFS scoring player as Captain.

Here’s how we currently sit:

Walker – Holgate – Alonso
Zaha – Siggy – Alli – Coutinho
Aguero – Lukaku – Origi

BENCH: Valdes Capoue MaCauley Valencia

Want to keep track of the team? well you can click HERE to find our history.

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