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ATFPL Weekly – Pro Cup Edition

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Each week let this be the 1st stop for all your League and Cup updates of All things FPL (ATFPL) competitions. ATFPL weekly will bring you a preview and review of the ATFPL’s 6 Head-to-head (H2H) leagues along with eye catching match ups in the ATFPL Pro Cup. You’ll also find a review of the week’s Official and community leagues.

The ATFPL Pro Cup

In this Pro Cup edition of weekly we’re going to have a look at the highest ranked managers from last season along with those who have a FPL history not to be sniffed at. It’s a level playing field at this stage but we have to paint targets somewhere don’t we ?!

Group A

Top performer last season in Group A was Billy Ketsu. Not only did he win the prestigious “Mauro Boselli Memorial Cup” in our H2H leagues he came 15th in the world overall. A feat which is by no luck at all, Billy has some very impressive finishes in his history. After a throwaway season in 2009/10 billy has finished 14k, 6k, 14k, 759th, 1.5k, 5.5k and 15th in the world.

Group B

Top performer last season in Group B was Andy31293. Having his most successful season to date Andy finished at 5175 overall. Looking for a little more consistency in his game Andy has either had a good season or a rough season. There are some performers in this group who didn’t finish as high as him last season but have more consistency, Michealf, Doosra and Hoddle&waddle to name a few.

Group C

Top performer last season in Group C was Kapilpatwardhan. Topping the rankings ranked 2366 this was Kapil’s 2nd best season to date of his 5 season career. His best came in 2013/14 when he finished 1293 in the world. A look at the rest of the group shows he’s in high company as a run down of last season’s OR reads like lottery numbers: 4 top 10k, 40k, 12k, 17k, 24k, 54k and 30k all in the same group. No pressure here then.

Group D

Top performer last season in group D was Moneyball. Finishing at a career best of 1338, I think we can call Moneyball a yo-yo manager. Of all his seasons to date he’s been up 1 season and down the next :2.3m – 56k – 124k – 45k – 101k -1.3k. Joined by fellow Top 10k managers Oberetta, Garynathaniel and forum favourite Christina. Group D has some fierce competition.

Group E

Top performer last season in group E is Khal. A relative newcomer to the game, Khal has managed to finish at 2186 in only his 3rd season. Finishing at 535,978 in his first season he had a marked improvement in his second finishing at 65,830. With this upward trajectory he may be battling near the dizzy heights of the coveted triple digits this season. Also in this group are The 12th Man, our community run team. Also making inroads they’ll hope their 3rd season goes follows their second. Ranked at 95,162 in their debut season the bettered that by finishing 72,618 in their second.

Group F

Top performer last season in Group F was Riquet. Finishing in the aforementioned triple digits, Riquet’s rank was 809th in the world. He’s been more consistent over the past few seasons with finished at 32k and 60k. In fine company he has Old School and the ATFPL Picks team to contend with. Old School has 3 x Top 5k, 12k and 50k finishes. The ATFPL Picks have 2 x 16k and a 26k finish in the last 4 seasons. Not forgetting Lefa Finland who is the 2016/17 ATFPL Members Cup Champion. Fierce company to contend with.

Group G

Top performer last season in Group G was “MT”. Finishing at a career best of 7172, MT had languished at 6 figure finishes in his previous 5 seasons before jumping into the 4 figure bracket. There’s a few dark horse managers in the group with both Spike and Supercolso having had a rough time of late but both with consecutive Top 5k and 10k finishes in their locker. Also worth noting is forum powerhouse, Ceci. A top 500 rank in his first season was derailed in his 2nd with a 6 figure finish but he was back on form last season with a top 17k finish.

Group H

Top performer last season in Group H was Jjvrakking. Finishing at 250th overall, in a familiar theme, Jjvrakking had his best season date. A couple of sub 80k finishes were followed by couple of 6 figure finishes but last year he made the jump to the top tier. Not only that but he also won a ATFPL H2H league: The Mark Noble Set-Peace Prize Award. One to look out for in this Group is our very own Stoosher. Readers of his “A Manager’s Preview” will no doubt remember his assault in the 2nd half of the season as he kept chipping away after a rocky start. If he can start as he finished he’s a contender.

Group I

Top performer last season in Group I was Bagsy11blue. A career spanning 3 short years has seen “Bagsy” climb from 33k to 20k to 2733. He’ll need that form to continue as he has some tough competition in this group. No fewer than 2 of last seasons H2H winners will keep him company. Our very own Gummi won the “Yaya he shoots, he scores every time Touremonial” league while Bigchrisso won “The Jamie Vardy After Party” league.

Group J

Top performer last season in Group J was Darsh. Our very own Mr Differential had a career best finish of 419 in the world. His previous 3 season he finished 10k, 5k and 7k. Its been coming and he smashed it. Not only did he achieve his best OR he also came second in our affiliate partners, Bet365 classic league. He’s in fine company this season as PassionUnited had a career best top 1k finish. Another with an impressive finish was The RDL who just sneaked inside to top 2k, which was lucky for The 12th Man! who recruited him this season for the community team. Was that luck or just good scouting…

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