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Captain Foresight – Gameweek 7

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Keep betting on the same player and they are bound to return at some point was the feeling when backing Kane last gameweek to deliver against West Ham and deliver the Spurs man did with 26 points as captain. His underlying goal threat is really that high Kane is a captaincy option every weekend. However, was there a big hitter up front who failed to deliver last week giving fantasy managers more evidence that a heavy front three is the direction of travel for fantasy premier league squads this season?

The players to consider

Time to consult the community and discuss the top three players* occupying the latest gameweek captain poll.

Romelu Lukaku

When you’re averaging five goal attempts per home game while your opponent is averaging just slightly less for big chances conceded per away encounter (4.67), the result is what you see below. A monster captain foresight score from Romelu Lukaku confirms the captaincy poll’s thinking that there’s only one option this gameweek as Manchester United host Crystal Palace.

It’s not like over 56% of fantasy managers have the United man at their disposal now is it?

Captain Foresight Score: 118.88

Harry Kane

Four goals in his last two away appearances plus his seventh hattrick of 2017 midweek in the Champions League, Harry Kane is now firing ladies and gents and for those who don’t have the luxury of the man above, I pray that at least you have the Spurs man to counter. As always Kane’s numbers are relentless for example the North Londoner is averaging more goal attempts per game on the road than Lukaku is at home while the quality of those chances aren’t inferior either with Kane averaging 1.67 big chances per away game, the same as Lukaku at Old Trafford. The difference? To date Huddersfield have shown themselves to be more resolute at the back than we all predicted but with the Terriers yet to face any attack of note that could all change as Spurs make the trip north to Yorkshire.

Captain Foresight Score: 96.28

Alvaro Morata

Alvaro Morata is looking better and better as the weeks progress adapting to life in the Premier League instantly. An intelligent striker who appears to have mastered the art of forward play without having the raw tangibles to aid his skills further, the Chelsea man is getting harder and harder to ignore as a quarter of million transfers in this round endorses. However, what is easy to ignore is the Spaniard’s captaincy appeal with Manchester City arriving in the capital combined with the alternatives out there. Add that Morata’s home performance aren’t really reflected yet in the players statistics with Morata’s numbers reading two goals from three shots on target and averaging an attempt every 28 minutes, why apply the armband on the Chelsea forward?

Captain Foresight Score: 64.11

Risk V Reward

Averaging 10.25 points per game over the last four gameweeks and 10 points per game on his travels, Sergio Aguero and Manchester City currently look irresistible as an attacking force making the Argentine a captaincy option every weekend while it continues. For example no other player has had more touches inside the opposition box int he last four gameweeks while City have peppered their opponents with 16 more shots inside the box than the next best club in the same period. However, Lukaku… Crystal Palace… , Kane… Huddersfield… , Chelsea at Stamford Bridge!? About as risky as a trip to a Dutch concert.

Captain Foresight Score: 96.56

* Top three players at the time of writing.

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