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Our Vision

To ensure every member has an enjoyable, entertaining and above all else a successful fantasy premier league experience.

Our Mission

At AllThingsFPL we look to put the needs of our members at the core of what we do by ensuring our services are easy to use, easy to adopt and easy to deploy. We do this through continually developing our product to aid member benefits and pre-empt member needs.

Our Values

  • Focus on the member and all else will follow.
  • Our advice must be clear and transparent.
  • Fun must never leave what we produce.

Our Team

You are the manager, now meet your backroom staff.

In Tommy We Trust
In Tommy We Trust Founder and Chief Writer

Nutter who decided to start this site and has regretted not doing it sooner ever since.

Stoosher Resident Preview Man

born and bred in Detroit Michigan, USA.  Coaching soccer (as we Americans like to call it) at the club and high school level for 20+ years.  Been a Fantasy Football manager since 2006.  Sadly, more obsessed with my FF team than my real team . . . since 2006.

Llama  Watchlist Guru

Not a real llama and writer. Breathes on a frequent but irregular basis, especially after any sort of physical activity. Over analyses everything, then rambles about it and changes his mind by the end of it. Join me on the journey as I put my thoughts to (virtual) paper.

IAP Community Manager

Hi folks, I’m Paul, from Scotland, and I’m an addict. My poison? Goals, Assists and Clean sheets. Some say I’m nocturnal by nature, while others say I sleep way less than the average human. Rumour has it that Mrs IAP is actually my mistress while FPL is my one true love. All I know is, I’m addicted!

Darsh  Different by Nature

A Football and Fantasy Football fanatic who loves to write and share everything Football. Live nocturnally whenever the Football is on, staying up till late at night watching matches and wishing my players to score well, only to realise the next morning the sleep I’ve deprived myself of.

Oberetta Picks Winners

Yank and soccer addict. Lifelong player and coach, idolised Beckenbauer. Love stats & tactics and the wife might seek a divorce if I had Opta data on my kids’ club teams. Renowned for not following my own advice.

Tell Me More is a Fantasy Football website designed to give the best tips, advice, guides, statistics and tools we can possibly manage. This is all driven by our motivation to give you the best opportunity to achieve your goals and quests when you embark on your fantasy football season. You are the manager, we are your backroom staff!

What we tend to do

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