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Gain access to the gameweek action as soon as it’s happened with Club Statistics designed with Fantasy Football in mind. Find out which club carried the biggest threat last gameweek now…..

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Understanding the performance levels of clubs yields Fantasy Football points for players.

With a whole raft of statistics powered by Opta, the official data powering the game fed straight into our engine minutes after the final whistle has blown, fantasy managers get access to every event in the Premier League moments after it happened.

Fantasy Football is all about players but knowing how clubs are performing, whether there has been a change in tactics, if a certain club favours the comforts of playing at home or if a club beats up on other clubs below them in the table is vital in planning which players are going to either keep their form going or are about to explode onto the scene. Without this information the player statistics in isolation simply don’t paint the whole picture.

Fear not though as members gain access to tools and features that can aid fantasy managers in all the above plus navigating the long season, putting their squad in the right positions to maximise on every players performance. We start this process with splitting the Premier League events into two categories;



  • Games Played
  • Goals Scored
  • Goal Attempts
  • Minutes per Goal Attempt
  • Goal Attempts inside the Box
  • Shots on Target
  • Minutes per Shot on Target
  • Shooting Accuracy
  • % Goals to Goal Attempts
  • Big Chances Created
  • Key Passes
  • Minutes per Key Pass
  • Passes
  • Crosses
  • % Possession
  • Set Play Goals
  • Fast Breaks
  • Goals from Fast Breaks
  • Goal Attempts from Fast Breaks
  • Games Played
  • Goals Conceded
  • Goals Conceded per Game
  • Clean Sheets
  • Goal Attempts Conceded
  • Goal Attempts Conceded per Game
  • Goal Attempts Conceded inside the Box
  • Goal Attempts Conceded inside the Box per Game
  • Goal Attempts Conceded outside the Box
  • Big Chances Conceded
  • Big Chances Conceded per Game
  • Goals Conceded from Big Chances
  • Goals Conceded from Big Chances per Game
  • % Big Chances resulted in Conceding
  • Set Play Goals Conceded

Now categorised, each event is carefully portrayed in fully responsive tables, sortable by stat column allowing for a clear overview of the data that will give the reader that advantage to win over family, friends or work mates, taking home the prize funds and the bragging rights with them.

But as fantasy managers we need to drill down into this data to provide our next transfers, analyse who we are going to throw the armband to, see if our failing player(s) should be given another chance or perhaps check if our nearest rivals gameweek star player lucked his way into FPL points with little actual output on the field? All this can be achieved in seconds using our filters toolbox.

club dashboard

The following filter options are available;

Select your desired club(s).

Fantasy managers have the ability to conduct their scouting ahead of the next important decision by filtering the available clubs presented to them from as little as one to all twenty Premier League outfits. This allows for custom searches, designed to focus in on our next move to victory by presenting just the data fantasy managers wish to see from the clubs you feel have an enticing run of fixtures ahead or those you feel have gone up another gear and want to confirm. It also allows a fantasy manager to compare the fixtures ahead of any gameweek to find those correlations players could take advantage of.

Where Played.

Isolating searches to either home or away performances can enlighten fantasy managers to those clubs who save their best form and thus Fantasy Football points for their home faithful or those who prefer away days out. Not all clubs are made equally and more often the lesser clubs home potential far outweighs that of their away performances. Searching to just home games removes any mystery over this giving fantasy managers a truer landscape to perform in.

Gameweek Range.

Now we are really providing the tools to find exactly the information required to win your mini leagues sending a defiant message to your foes. Using the Gameweek Range filter fantasy managers can view specific sections of the season be that the current, last 2, last 4, last 6 gameweeks or even a custom range of any duration. What this filter does is highlight the now, gives the ability to view clubs performances in previously known favourable fixture runs along with various permutations that may be required throughout the ten months of a season. But where the filter turns to gold is in combination with other filters. For example, a fantasy manager may think a certain club has changed tactics recently improving the chances of their players to score Fantasy Football points? A custom search to the last 4 or even 6 gameweeks will show if they are correct. A further search over a wider gameweek range will definitely prove or disprove the thinking allowing fantasy managers to directly compare a single club’s performance over differing time periods.

As alluded the combination of some or all of the filter options makes the custom searches fantasy managers have available from a single easy to use interface the perfect scouting tool, manager tool, director of recruitment tool, whatever hat that fantasy managers requires to wear to be successful at any given point in the season. Here are some headline examples of the type of searches that can be done;

“Know which clubs concede the fewest goal attempts at home raising their chances for clean sheets”
“Know which clubs create big chances and more importantly which clubs take those chances presented to them”
“Know which clubs require their possession game to be effective to protect their fragile defence”
“Know which clubs are ruthlessly efficient in front of goal making them clubs to avoid for your defenders within your squad
“Know which clubs concede an alarming amount of shots inside the box potentially improving the chances of the opponents forward making them a transfer target”

The options are only limited by the minds of fantasy managers

Full Season Ticker.

Plan ahead with our full season ticker highlighting the strength of all 20 Premier League clubs fixtures. Custom filters allow views of any gameweek range plus you can enter your own fixture difficulty ratings to make the ticker completely your own tool. Never not know the favourable fixture lists again…

Navigating the season, placing your squad in the best possible position for points is only possible by understanding the fixture list, knowing the favourable runs for every Premier League club and their playing squad but also the times when the fixtures turn for the worse, knowing the times to offload those players affected. This is all achievable using the Season Ticker.

Analyse trends in the Premier League fixture list using our fully interactive season ticker. Fantasy managers will be presented with a clear fully responsive overview of the desirability of all 20 premier league clubs forthcoming fixture lists allowing them to see the clubs they should prioritise when deciding their next transfers.

Inbuilt are various tools that make analysing the fixture list easier. Fantasy managers can firstly drag and drop clubs beside each other allowing for direct comparison or to see whether their independent fixture list marry up for potential rotation options, giving a squad a great run of favourable games using two players. Next is the option to switch between attacking and defensive ratings providing clarity about the strengths of certain clubs. Some fixtures can be favourable for goals while some can be a game to target for a clean sheet. Also is the ability to sort the ticker by most and least favourable using our behind the scenes mathematical code in determining the strength of a particular matchday.

Change the window length of how many matchdays are viewed at any given time. Are you looking for a quick fix to a pressing need within your squad and need a player who has the best platform to deliver? Are you looking for a player who will form the backbone of your squad and want him to have the best opportunity to be successful? How long do you want your transfer to work for? We don’t dictate these answers allowing fantasy managers to select the gameweek length used within the season ticker and thus the above favourable filters giving the answers to the queries each and every fantasy manager has.

Make the season ticker completely your own thinking by overriding our code by entering in your thinking to the strength of the Premier League clubs attacking and defensive potential. Once entered the season ticker will display the fixtures strengths as you see them. Your fixture tool done your way of thinking.

Club Profiles.

From playing squad information to Gameweek History…

Previous history is key to making future successful decisions and with our club profiles providing an in depth view of how a certain club is performing by listing out their previous results and key statistics from those matches deciphering the past is made possible. Easily see if a club has seen an uptake in goal attempts, know the type of opposition a club has kept clean sheets against, see if a club’s accuracy training has started to pay off finding the target on a more regular interval increasing their players chance for points or see how a particular fixture played out earlier in the season ahead of their rematch.

Also within a clubs profile is information relating to their playing squad. Know who ranks in the top five for key stats in one single place.

Premier League Form Guide.

Home, away or combined form guides with embedded Match Reviews…

See which clubs have found form at the right time or which clubs results have taken a turn for the worse just when you didn’t want them to with our comprehensive form guide that looks as the last six home, away and combined matchdays, ranking the Premier League clubs by points accrued for each for your analysis. Know the result of the game, who it was achieved against and what exactly happened in those 90 minutes with our embedded match reviews that present every event for both clubs and their players.

Never not know the on goings of a particular match again.

Make the smart choice.

Every Fantasy Premier League manager needs backroom staff.

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