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The ATFPL Picks – Gameweek 20

Tommy - Group D Fantasy Football Tips, Gameweek Picks

Hangovers finally in check, the new year’s eve antics from the ATFPL brigade at the minus 8 saloon assigned the history books, we move on in 2017 with our fresh wildcard squad in tact so read on we declaring our gameweek 20 squad along with the customary reason and justification that may just help in your squad decisions… Foster Jones …

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The ATFPL Picks – Gameweek 17

Tommy - Group D Fantasy Football Tips, Gameweek Picks

Misery, despair, laughter. They were the emotions running through the corridors at ATFPL Headquarters late Wednesday evening as the squad put in an Aston Villa-esque performance, collecting just 31 points. With nine men only being fielded after Eden hazard, Cedric and Jonny Evans all sat out along with a bench we have been carrying for some time now, a fall …

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The ATFPL Picks – Gameweek 16

Tommy - Group D Fantasy Football Tips, Gameweek Picks

Firstly an apology, the hosting provider we use to provide our content had a mass outage that effected everyone who uses their service last Friday. This meant that there were no Picks for gameweek 15 and while we were completely helpless in trying to address the issue, we nevertheless wholeheartedly apologise. You didn’t miss much though as the squad amassed …

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The ATFPL Picks – Gameweek 6

Tommy - Group D Fantasy Football Tips, Gameweek Picks

Back to back red arrows from what initially believed was a success week as our captaincy delivered while Hull City found life with a man deficit against a fluid Arsenal too much. That’s where the joy ended though as our nine other players amassed just 19 points. Nevertheless settling down in the top 70K having been inside the top 100K …