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The ATFPL Picks – Gameweek 35

Tommy Fantasy Football Tips, Gameweek Picks

There’s nothing like 69 points to propel us back inside the top 100K once more as our pattern of circumnavigating that figure continues. Now with just one more gameweek to go before wildcarding for the finale read on as we declare our gameweek 35 squad along with the customary reason and justification that may just help in your squad decisions… …

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The ATFPL Picks – Gameweek 25

Tommy Fantasy Football Tips, Gameweek Picks

Urrrrgggghhhh! Captaining Sergio Aguero wasn’t the brightest idea after all. With a major captain fail the squad tumbled to its lowest point of the season to stand around the 200K mark. Personally, I still can’t believe that Aguero when fit isn’t starting. Just look at his Premier League record. A goal every 109 minutes; the fastest in Premier League history …