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  1. While it’s slow, I wanted to get some thoughts from you all on my next round of FPL Cup. I am in to the round of 2048 by the skin of my teeth. Last round, my opponent left Ben Davies and his 12 points second on his bench and set up in a 4-4-2. So when Marcos Alonso dnp, he got Glen Murray first off the bench, not Davies. Close margins. You need some luck to advance in a h2h elimination competition and I may have used all of mine last week.

    My opponent GW28 has the appalling name of ‘Chiek his pulse’, so for no other reason I’d like to win this round. He’s not got a great FPL history, despite playing for a number of years; 1 top 100K finish. And after my red arrow last week we are not too far apart in OR. Here are our differentials:
    He has:
    I have:
    We have the following in common: Alonso/Mee/Salah/Sterling/Firmino/Wilson.

    My present plan is to hold’n’roll and possibly play 4-3-3 given Hegazi’s and Maguire’s good fixtures and Richarlison’s form. I can’t decide on the armband, although it is quite obviously either Salah or Kane. Not much I can do if he counters with Aguero(c) and the Argentine goes big. I’ve got 1 FT and only 0.4 mil itb, so I can’t really see a transfer other than Richarlison for Lingard which might lessen the differentials. I don’t love that idea because Lingard would not be in my plans long term and I still have a dream to reach the top 100k OR.

    Thoughts welcome. Am I missing something ?

    1. My opponent GW28 has the appalling name of ‘Chiek his pulse’, so for no other reason I’d like to win this round.🤣🤣🤣😅

      Son is worrying me now. Big game like that and he chooses Lamela. You have kept Charlison way too long imo but only .4. Not much you can do there this week so bench him or play him over Hegzagi. No defender You can bring in? WBA are finally going down 😁😁 it seems. Young???? Expensive Bench filler?

      I’m on Salah C . Could be a toss up but the man is a genius

        1. I’ve been looking about and found a quote from Poch saying he played Lamela because he’s played in Seria A and at Juve stadium. So the experience is there. Poch lies as we know , I’m not sure about resting a first 11 player in the biggest game yet this season ..i just get a feeling he going to burn me now 😂

          1. Don’t let it happen – Aguero > Kane and Son > someone.

            You can do this RDL!!! We’re all here to support you 😂

          2. Haha . I’ve already set myself kun to kane . I want mane but because of that awful ox im already at my pool quote. Worse buy of the season. What was I thinking

      1. Tottenham are still in a dogfight for the top 4. Taking Poch on his word about Lamela. Son v. CPL is too good to transfer.

        I am focused on a double move next week, so hoping Son plays. Basically, my issue is Richarlison (v. EVE) or Hegazi (v. HUD).

    2. It’s nearly midnight where I am and falling asleep, so this isn’t necessarily my final thought as I’d need to look more at the fixtures/form etc.

      But my first impression is certainly to not bring in Lingard at the moment and especially not for someone who is certain to play in gw 31, in case you may be able to save your FH.

      However, that might also depend on whether you are still in the cup by then and if your opponent has already used his or is likely to do so!

      Also United are shite at the moment and that’s coming from a United fan so if you really want to replace Richarlison I’d rather go for Shaqiri who is on form and plays in gw 31.

    3. He has a lot invested in the MAUvCHE game, 5 players to your 3. Given the past few weeks of the manager animosity, see this being a low scoring affair which will hopefully nullify his MAU Mid points but if I was guessing he will sell Lingard this g/w. Can’t see him dropping Courtois to play Adrian away at LIV so a 1 nil MAU win would be the best result. The other defense fixtures I think give you an edge though the BOU and SWA fixtures are not bad either. With the NEW win last week hopefully he goes BOU as I would fancy SWA at BHA to get a c/s

      In the Mids expect probably Shaq to appear or maybe Stanislas. For captain I doubt he will go Aguerro so it will be Salah so your big decision is to play safe with Salah or go with Kane at Palace.

      Close because of the 6 first team players but I think you will shade it. Bias accounted for.

      1. Good take, thanks G75. The only move I might find attractive is Niasse for Wilson to create some additional cash. But Wilson may play in GW31, so I really need to see the FA Cup results this weekend.

    4. Schindler?!? Hud away… …hmm 1 point most likely?!?… And Alonso injury doubt and away against ManU so he might not be on bench.

      I personally did get rid of Alonso for Robertson (could not afford VvD because upgraded problem called Lingard to Mané last Monday).

      Aguero has been my C for last 4, but now it is time for Salah. Risking to lose cup at this point because of HUD defender getting 0-1 points, would make me to wanna go behind a sofa and cry for some time and “never” wanna look at the mirror and see who is to blame 😉

      1. I’d use Hegazi before Schindler. If I set up in a 3-4-3, my backline is Alonso/Mee/Maguire. If I go 4-3-3, I use Hegazi instead of Richarlison. I’m not too concerned about Alonso’s fitness. If there are clear signs he will be out, I may make a transfer.

          1. Yes, you are right. I am just frustrated he is still in my team. His attacking numbers are good though, so maybe there will be an end of season revival. If I was cold-picking a Watford guy it would be Doucoure. If I were to decide not to FH in GW31, I might add him to help afford Mane.

  2. Just thinking about the FH in GW31 or GW35 conundrum. I don’t think I can put a reasonable team together in GW31 unless both the BOU v. WBA and HUD v. CPL games go forward. I think those are pretty good odds, in which case I can put a 10-man team out w/o a hit. If those 2 games do go forward, with 4 transfers available, something like –
    *I can have one of Lossl or Niasse with no hit. Adding Niasse means dropping Kane and I’d have to spend an extra 0.2 mil to get him back on my GW32 WC.

    It’s remarkable to me that Richarlison would still be in my team, but there you go; cannot afford to drop him unless I am going to FH chip in GW31. Planning for the FH, WC, TC, BB is hard. Anyone with all 4 of those chips, I would suggest trying to game it out, it’s not easy. Anything less than 4 games in GW31, I can’t see how I can field a credible team without 2+ hits which means that would have to be my FH chip.

  3. So, Evans, Livermore, Barry(36 yrs old), and Myhill. Steal a cab long after curfew and, um, closing time, in Barcelona. WTF. These. Are. The. Team. Leaders.

    Too bad they didn’t get the Evans money.

    1. Bet they get away with it too. Just like that scummer Sanchez did for tax evasion. Us mere mortals would be eating porridge for breakfast now

  4. Kane a doubt. “He twisted his ankle and recd some knocks. We need to assess him. If he is fit maybe he has the possibility to play, if he is not 100% he could be on the bench or maybe half and hour. We are not worried [about him facing Palace] but we need to take care.”

    Maybe hold on a bit before your Kun to Kane move guys.

    1. Remember when kane went over on his ankle last season and Poch said he’s fine. He was out for weeks. Going to be annoying if we don’t have any certain news before palace

  5. Hard to call Clean sheets in those 4 fixtures. Liverpool your best bet but then it really is a toss up.

    Looks like I am going with

    Zanka, VVD, TBC??
    Salah, Shaqiri, Walcott, TBC??
    Firmino, Quaner

    The mid TBC could be a striker instead as I wouldn’t lose too much TV on them.

    1. I have atm:

      Robertson, Salah, Mané, Niasse and Wilson

      Other players are:

      Pope, Adrian
      Ota, Jones, Chilwell, Ogbonna
      Son, Sterling, Sanchez
      0.2 itb and 0 ft

      With 3 ft:s left Kane injury doubt has its positives. And after last injury he was not looking good so certainly not worth -8 now. My plan was Kunexit next week with -4 and may still be that. Probably Ota or Sanchez to be downgraded.

      Anyway, I will probably get one gw31 player after next gw and then try to save 2 ft:s for gw31 and get EVE midfielders probably. I think that should be enough. If Heaton comes back soon I may have to consider selling Pope for hit to have gw31 gk. Since I cannot have Karius, others are unlikely worth hit.

      I think 8 players coverage is good enough not to use FH but in cup no FH means probably suicide. What are you others planning to do?

  6. So, perhaps we can pretty safely project CHE, MNC, MUN, TOT as missing GW35 absent a pretty significant cupset ?
    And 4 games in GW31. Everything suggests getting a small side together for GW31 and FH Chip in GW35 for those with the FH, TC, BB, and WC chips left, no ?

      1. I think I need to game it out a few more times. gm1863’s cite to Crillin’s spreadsheet is really useful. Several questions remain open for me. First, can I put a credible team on the field in GW31 via FTs over the next few GWs without compromising my points in the run-up to BGW31 ? Second, can I pivot in GW32 with my WC to a side full of DGW guys for my BB in DGW34 AND still be covered with a full 11 for BGW35. If I am correct in assuming MUN, MNC, CHE, TOT will be in the FA Cup semifinals, that seems dubious. Third, assuming those are the SF teams, they will have a DGW37, so can you pivot BACK to add enough for the DGW37 ?
        The BGW35 looks like a way more target rich (Liverpool, Arsenal, and teams with a single good option, i.e., Arnautovic, or teams with a good fixture for a CS) environment than BGW31 where the attacking options (Liverpool) look limited with virtually no good CS options.
        A quick assessment suggests the most points are available by holding the FH til BGW35. But I need to analyze the considerations above.

  7. I’m really stressing over the best Triple Captain options.

    Fixture wise the best double on paper is Man City who will have Huddersfield and Swansea at the Etihad in GW37. The only question is how much rotation will occur as City will likely have the title sewn up by then.

      1. We don’t want players who frittered the FH chip benefitting though do we?

        So the MNF game spurs vs palace will be off? Where does it get moved to. Maybe the Sunday?

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