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  1. Hi guys just found about the bad news on wednesday 😢 I would struggle for words to sing the praise on this site as I’m not the most articulate writer but I guess I would not add much to all the great posts I’ve seen in the last pages (I totally echo them). I feel double sad as I’ve been a bit egocentric and selfish wining about a terrible season so far and driving away from Fpl and this site when, in reality, this community is for me a huge part of what makes Fpl so fun! I fully support Tommy in his decision and congratulations on the baby Tom! It’s hard to find balance but family and life decisions always come first (it’s a no brainer) Before I found the news I was preparing a bit of a farewell too, myself going through some rough changes, as I’m moving countries 😭 and don’t know if I would get internet connection 😢 hope I do to join the new alternatives that some of you have created. Don’t want to get too melodramatic but I’ve been feeling sad about the state of the world lately (having to move countries might have the fault) and you can easily see it in forums, comment pages, etc everybody are short fused for animosity, angry at each other and very often violent BUT this community is a HUGE testament of how a group of people should communicate and interact nicely!!! If this proves to be the bitter goodbye I wish all the best for all of you and I respect you all greatly! 👋

    PS: F*ck ffs 😠😂

    1. Aguero is some way off dropping. Not tonight that’s for sure but keep an eye on it.

      A price drop won’t rush me anyway. There’s CL to be played. See how it goes.

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