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  1. Hey guys….need some friendly help!

    Current team is
    Moreno, Terry, Ivanovic
    Hendo, Silva, Ramsey, Hazard (c)
    Kane, Aguero, Giroud

    B: Bertrand, boyd, dawson, Myhill

    Want to get betrand in the starting team this gw,,,who would be the best to sub him with? Moreno, Hendo, Silva or Ramsey? thanks

  2. Help me out with my team

    Davis K

    Terry-Belerin-Moreno/Van Aanholt


    A- I should play 3-5-2 this week (save FT)

    B- I should Transfer Murray:arrow: with somebody

    C- I should play 4-4-2

    1 FT
    0.4 m bank

  3. Morning,

    Still confused iro Arsenal cover and (c)….



    3.3 itb

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  4. Thinking about wildcarding, a draft team that I’ve come up with:

    Myhill, Schmeichel
    Terry, Clyne, Stones, Vlaar, van Aanholt
    Sánchez, Hazard, Ramsey, Henderson, Grealish
    Agüero, Giroud, Kane


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  5. The top 10,000 ranking appears to be very elusive indeed, mind you have only been inside it a total of two GWs (the first GW and two weeks ago). Lost a lot of ground by not knowing last week was a DGW.

  6. @tommy not too sure that saints are necessary in Def but they have one of the best def records in the league. Who would you be looking at?

    I wasn’t too sure about Henderson but are there any better options for 6.7m?

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