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  1. The Southampton start.

    With a very attractive run for the first 11 GWs do we think it makes sense to invest heavily?

    I’m currently looking at having Cedric, Redmond and Austin with the hope of cashing in early not just in terms of points but team value should it go according to plan. At 5, 6.5 and 6.5 respectively there’s scope for at least one of these becoming a bandwagon early on.

    Guess it will depend on pre season and if Austin will be nailed on to start up top?

      1. I’ll admit you’ve lost me a bit but the only one that comes to mind is Tadic? He did cross my mind but if I do decide to load up on Southampton early it’ll be a tough call between him and Redmond.

        1. Yes, every year he is great in stats column and struggles for points. If Austin is rotated he should be second in line for PK’s and he takes fair few set pieces ( not sure but will need to look into it).

          1. I’ll be keeping tabs on them over pre season and see how it goes. From memory I’m sure Redmond got a few extra points early on due to being played as a striker. So with that being unlikely this year Tadic is probably the better option.

            Hopefully with someone like Austin in the team Tadic can get a few more assists from his crossing.

          2. Redmond scored in the first game then did nothing for ages. Think he scored vs city then once again did nada.

          3. Well this convo has been worth while. Think Tadic is the leading candidate now. I’ve clearly overestimated his returns early on.

            Interesting he has a higher ownership by 5.5% (although I’m sure there’s still a great deal of people to submit a first draft).

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    1. want to see if he really has a nailed place. Competing with some of palace’s better players for spots but could be a nice enabler if he gets cemented.

      An ex-Chelsea lad that is deffo nailed at 4.5 would be Romeu for saints, but he is clearly just a 2-pointer.

      1. To use a highly technical term: meh. Maybe he starts while Hazard is rehabbing but he otherwise shouldn’t be a starter on the team IMO.
        He still has occasional moments of Brazilian brilliance but they are few and far between, would love to see him sold personally and move some youth up into first sub territory on the bench.

          1. wish I could sell him to you then ๐Ÿ™‚ I would take Pedro over him every day and twice on Sundays. Pedro has incredible technical ability and is always looking to attack which is exactly what the system needs from that role. Horses for courses IMO.

            Willian was the club’s POTY two seasons back but remember what a disaster that season was with dressing room factions warring, player performances horrible, Mourinho eventually getting sacked, plus hazard out injured most of the season when he wasn’t too busy eating cheeseburgers. IMO Willian had a little lucky streak on some free kick goals (he isnt a particularly good kick taker, his flat cornersthat hit first defender are the stuff of legend) and generally just ran around working hard which was enough to stand out in that calamity of a season.

            My issue with Willian is that there isnt a specific thing he excels at nowadays, and seems to not have either the confidence or speed to pull off the mazy dribbling that made us and Spurs chase him while playing at Shakhtar/Anzhi . Maybe he can but just doesnt try now? It seems his typical play now is to receive the pass, do a little j-hook dribble and turn his back to goal about 30 yards out while looking for a lateral/backward pass. He tends to kill off any attacking momentum in a system that is at its best on small counters. He def added value as a high motor guy that covered ground and defended under Mourinho, but a 3-back system, let alone one with the beast that is Kante in the midfield, doesn’t need that role any longer.

            Dont get me wrong, he is a good player, but at the very top of the heap it is fine margins is all.

          2. Well we tried to.. you stole him from us remember๐Ÿ˜‰

            Ok mate thanks for the view. I’ve swapped him for Pedro

        1. After that great in depth review of Willian. Do you hold any on fabs with hazard out? Just looking for my Chelsea cover and feel Pedro isn’t consistent enough for 8 mil. He gets dragged off early so bps an issue too

          1. I do like him a lot and I think Conte does as well. If you asked me at GW38 I would have said conte had figured out his best lineups and Cesc would get even more minutes over Matic in 17/18. Now with Diego all but out the door (those two were a great match) and Bakayoko medical on Friday to crowd the midfield and Matic likely gone, it’s less clear how stable his playing time will be and whether he will have a target who he mind melds with. This is a great question to revisit after some more preseason sheds light for us.

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  2. Lads, help an old Kanga out…Pick 2 out of the following in a 3-5-2 formation:


    I was originally going to go with Lukaku and Kane but after seeing Aguero priced at 11.5m I’m now really tempted by Aguero.That’s a bargain for Aguero !!

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    2. It’s like Ceci says that 1 mil is vital.

      What I’ve done so far is gone with the mighty Aguero and Kaku against my wishes just because he’s ridiculously owned. I’ve kept a mil in the bank for my man Harry. Just want to see how we play .

      Of course I’ll change 90 times between now and then

          1. Yes I know kane it should be hands down he’s twice the player and I’ll probably end up that way . That ownership though. 46 % last I looked. Can you imagine not owning him and him spawning a brace on first day. Remember similar with ibrah last season

    3. am i right in thinking that Kane normally starts the season slowly? Add that to playing at Wembley, think i will oppose initially

      1. Not sure of exact stats but I remember him being written off early on both seasons only to start firing midway through. Although it would be typical to go with that logic and leave him out and him go on to grab an early blitz of goals and become even more expensive! Plus an ownership of 35%. Do you really want to risk being left behind?

          1. For the overall balance of my squad (I’m pretty settled on keeper/def for now) I’m leaning that way.

            You do seem very confident in every message you post. Trying to decide if it’s all sage advice based on previous finishing positions or just your writing style. But so far I’ve appreciated the input in our two discussions. This one isn’t as clear cut as Tadic over Redmond though ( went against ownership on that ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

          2. I do go a bit overboard with philosophy at times don’t take it too seriously ๐Ÿ˜† , it has nothing to do with past season or anything we start fresh. What i meant was sometimes we just follow the trend or high ownership instead of getting the team which will score well weekly basis.

          3. Don’t worry mate, there was no offence taken or intended! I definitely agree on ownership though, only time I take it into account in a real serious way is locally as in within my cash mini league later in a season. My big failing last year was chasing band wagons and a poor team value. This year I’ll be looking to try predict/move early to get low value players with a look at cashing in later with a WC. Saw it work to great effect and envy last season!

          4. I waited till thursday/ friday for transfers last year, early transfers are risky but worth a shot early on in the season ( something i need to work on ).

          5. Capoue ruined me as well. I kept thinking he would stop and never got on the wagon till late on. all the 0.1 add up over the first half of a season! It’s part of why I’m so tempted to load up on Southampton early. Getting it right between Gayle/Austin(if he plays) is another potential big call for early value rises.

          6. I had Capone all season barring last few GW’s when switched to Albrighton for DGW’s. Carroll injuries were blessing in disguise fair few times, got the guy in Gravatar for 3rd STK in initial draft but its something which needs to be monitored as we near deadline.

    4. Some great responses to this dilemma, nice one lads.
      For the time being, I’m going with Lukaku & Aguero up top.
      I also have Alli to cover for Kane.
      I might try and do what RDL says and keep 1m in the piggy bag just in case ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Anyone thought about going with Alli & Eriksen?

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      1. Exactly, my favorite was WBA/NEW/BUR but have to make some new plans.. I could have understood those prices IF they had 10+ CS’s but not even close… Even Nyom costs 5.0 ๐Ÿ˜€

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          1. Yup, that’s what I thought. Feels like there are some weird DEF/GKP prices all along the line when looking outside top-8 teams (BOU/CPL or Olsson of SWA for example). Might be only my opinion but I feel like MID/FWD prices are better justified (okay, maybe 0,5m too much for everyone if you ask me :D).

            Is this all to balance teams from being too “big hitter heavy”?

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          3. Yeah tell me about that one! ๐Ÿ˜€ I was quite sure he and Dann would be only 5.0 DEFs in CPL ๐Ÿ˜

            Cresswell is on watchlist this season, have always liked the guy and definitely has attacking potential!

            I was also suprised of MUN defenders being under 6.0 except Bailly and Valencia. Great fixtures and CS potential, Lindelรถf might just be the premium defender in my squad.

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