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    1. Not this week, but as low as 32 this Season, with two other below 40. Just outside 500k OR so not all bad. With Kane & Lukaku not scoring there will be plenty of low numbers.

  1. I think pep has learned is lesson from last year when he kept on swapping and changing for champions league and premiership games. Looks like he’s not rotating the team as much this year.

  2. MCI XI: Ederson; Walker, Otamendi, Stones, Delph; Fernandinho, De Bruyne; Silva, Sane, Sterling; Jesus

    SUBS: Bravo, Aguero, Gundogan, Danilo, Yaya Toure, Mangala, Bernardo

    REAL: Navas; Achraf, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo; Casemiro, Modric, Isco; Isco, Benzema, Ronaldo

    SPURS: Lloris; Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Sanchez; Aurier, Winks, Dier, Sissoko; Eriksen, Kane, Llorente

      1. I’d hate to be a salah seller right now 🤗 (feels smug)

        * realisation kicks in that I lost Bobby for Vardy -4*
        🤢 ( smugness turns to sick)

        1. To be honest how can any salah holder sell him anyway, madness, probably one the top 8 players in the premiership right now. He’ll always play and also always score goals.

  3. With Aguero due to return who do you see as City’s front players. For me it will be Silva Fernandinho De Bruyne Jesus and Aguero.
    Seems harsh on Sane and Sterling….

    1. Fernandinho sits in front of the back 4 if I’m not mistaken. One of Sane or Sterling or possibly Bernardo Silva should play. With the return of Aguero, perhaps it’s a 3-5-2, but that still leaves room for one of Sane or Sterling.

      1. Including the wing backs , at the moment Walker and Delph the centre three mentioned above would leave Aguero and Jesus without Sterling or Sane.
        He doesn’t have to do with that, but it’s something to consider.

  4. Need a little advice guys! Here’s my team.

    Foster Elliot
    Davies Cedric Jones Mee Naughton
    Silva Eriksen Salah Atsu Caroll
    Kane Jesus Abraham

    I have 2 FT and 2m ITB

    Should I go-
    1) Atsu to Zaha and Davies to Otamendi
    2) Atsu to Richalison and Cedric to Otamendi

    1. B – I wouldn’t trade Davies just yet and Richalison seems like a reasonable point collector I would like to take a punt on Zaha for OOPs reasons but CP are bottom for a reason and best to hold off on that as it was just one good result.

      1. >but CP are bottom for a reason…

        Hey G75, looking to discuss

        What is that reason?

        Is it that they have a terrible squad and are where they deserve to be?

        Is it that they appointed a new manager and tried to overhaul tactics and the players couldn’t cope?

        Is it because their fixtures where horrible. From G2 liv/SWA/bur/SOU/mci/mun/CHE ?

        Or their best player and top striker has been out?

        Personally I think it is a combination of new manager, fixtures and injuries. I don’t actually think that Palace are a team that should be at the bottom. If Roy has his tactics sorted, and the team are ready to turn it round, Palace might be worth a look.

        new/WHU/tot/EVE/STK/bha/wba/BOU/WAT/lei/swa that is their run until the new year, only Spurs away looks tough. I think it might be worth taking a look at them…

        All this and I could be just trying to convince myself as I was gonna punt on Zaha in WC 😀
        Thought appreciated.

        1. Hey Karl, back under Pardew I thought they had a pretty decent squad till they seemed to stop playing for him. Maybe they’re a year or two older now and off the pace.

          The De Boer experiment was a bit of a disaster alright, would have taken a lot more time and money to get right. Which is the main reason, so are things going to improve under Roy, ?? He is no Messiah how many points will they get in the next two games. i’d go for two draws.

          I don’t think their fixtures were that bad outside of the obvious. Their first 3 home games 0-3 HUD, 0-2 SWA & 0-1 SOU. They should be competing in those games.

          Injuries fair enough but do you rate Benteke?

          Defensively they were suspect until the Chelsea game.

          All that being said I would usually take a look at any OOP especially for 6.7m. If I was on a wild card I would have him in.

          1. Yeah fair points, that bottom line, I’m the same, always a sucker for OOP.

            I wish I had held out the WC a week longer, would love to have a bit more time to assess them.

            They also missed Sakho first 5 games, could have had an impact.

            Agree about Roy, I’m a pool fan so you don’t need to tell me about him, I know all about his madness. Lets not forget the Paul Konchesky experiment.

      2. Thanks G75, sorry I missed this comment and replied below.

        Given my good OR right now I think I might just play it safe and go Richalison for now, with money ITB to make a move in case Zaha keeps delivering.

    2. I like Stones ahead of Otamendi, due to fact he is .1 cheaper, and Otamendi seems to get lots of yellows.

      I like the 1) pick, I’m worried about Davies game time now with Rose back, he’ll have a few weeks yet while Rose gets up to speed. Already he has missed 2 starts this season, when he had no other LB competition, what will he miss with a fit Rose?

      See my question below about the need for city defs.

      1. I’m worried about Davies too KH. Spurs have Liv(H), West Ham(H), Utd (A), Madrid (H), Palace (H), Ars (A) and Dortmund (A) in the next 7 so I expect a lot of rotation now that Rose is fit. Already have uncertainty around my 2 City assets so definitely don’t want more of that. Think I’m taking him out.

        Hard to decide between Otamendi and Stones. Otamendi offers more of a set piece threat and is due to rise so I might just go for him.

        Thought about using my 3rd city spot for another attacking asset but a defender will offer a rotation-free route to consistent CS points imo.

        I couldn’t afford Zaha if I kept Davies so what about the Richalison vs Zaha conundrum now that money isn’t an issue?

        1. ” so what about the Richalison vs Zaha conundrum now that money isn’t an issue?”

          Trying to sort that one out myself. I have Riccy at the moment and I got him for 6.0. I am trying to get a way to have both, but it might mean losing Silva or having very weak defence. Riccy is getting a lot of touches & shots inside the box, seems a great young player, and nicely priced.

          Think you are right about rotation free CS points, I’m looking to make a team now without a city def and I can’t find anyone else at that price who will get as many CSs

  5. David Silva or Sterling?

    Feel like Silva has more security, especially with Aguero due back soon but Sterling has been prolific when played. Plus the price difference (Silva now 8.6).

    1. Not only a sideways move it could be a bad move trading Silva in for Sterling. Think sterling has more chance of being rotated than silva. Silva is the heart of city’s attack who supplies the bullets for the forwards.

  6. might need a third city attacker…. or some sort of city coverage. they look too good :O. pretty average week this week, any suggestions on whether I should use both my 2ft ? Have a whole 1.7 ITB!

    Foster – Eliot
    Jones – Davies – Simpson – Naughton – Wimmer
    Mkhi – D.Silva – Choupo – Atsu – Carroll
    Lukaku – Jesus – Kane

    Would hurt to shift Mkhi before Huddersfield though… but he will only drop and all the city attackers rise, if they haven’t done so too much already ?

      1. Wouldn’t you rather have 3 city attack?

        I see city defender as a wasted city spot myself, can’t see many bonus pts. Each to own though

        1. Was coming on here to ask that very question today.

          So guys question for you all.

          Should we not bother with a city defender, for the very fact that it will stop us from having more city attacking assets?

          I currently have 3 city guys Kun, Silva & Sterling, (on wc) but my plan was always to get Stones, starting to think about keeping what I have now.

          1. If you think City will score 3-4 goals/ game a season then yes you need a attacker, MCI are out of gate firing on all cylinders so it’s normal to see craze for tripling up, this is not the first time people are talking of tripling up on a attack (Spurs-LIV-MCI in past ).

          2. Attack all the way mate. If you end up with a defender then decide later , it requires surgery

          3. On a wc if it was me

            Jesus sterling kun

            I’d also make sure salah was in there too.

          4. @KH: I am all in on City double ( Silva-Jesus), but there is no way expecting them to score 3-4 goals a game. Decide for yourself, it’s trendy to triple up right now like most FPL trends which come and go 😉

          5. I have Otamendi/Silva/Jesus so snookered myself with only having the usual 1ft to move possibly Mkh to Sterling. I was thinking of double UTD Def and double MCI Mids.

            What’s the story with Bailly, Smalling could be a great buy at 5.3 to pair up with Jones?

            With Aguerro back I think Sane will miss out most but with Aguerro & jesus missing the odd game as well.

          6. Cheers all, food for thought.

            @Ceci, 3/4 goals, pfft they are looking at 5/6/7 😀 I get your point though, this type of scoring can’t go on forever, and Burnley one of best organised teams might be the fart in the perfume shop.

            @RDL, great point about surgery later if we change our minds.

            @G75 “I was thinking of double UTD Def and double MCI Mids.” This could be the way to go, best defensive coach & best attacking coach, we should have seen it earlier and went for it! FYI, no idea about Bailly, perhaps a utd fan may enlighten us.

            @Stoosh, didn’t even think about mids 1*cs points, always forget about that. Following Peps comments about perfect result when both teams score to entertain the fans, both sets of fans can celebrate something… not sure he cares how many CSs they will get.

          7. That’s what I’m aiming for mate. Obviously if Jesus gets too insecure them maybe morata

            Not taking into account ownership


            In that order for me . It’s all subjective though

          8. I think you can’t have em all and we will be chopping and changing all season.

            Kane home form worry me but it he explodes consistently away from home then I can handle it. I do like morata and he is cheaper and more secure but who’s going to stop city? They should give them the title now 🤣

      1. If anyone is on a WC they must consider Jesus, Aguero, Salah, couthino, Kane, kdb, hazard. I’d love to have that front 7 but obviously because of the cost i can’t so I’d say at least 3 or 4 of them 7 are good.

        1. Not sure about Hazard. He’s not been a consistent player for a couple of season now. At his price id want a lot more.

          KDB is amazing. He plays a bit too deep for his price when Silva offers similar or more for less. The others I agree 100%

          1. Yeah agree with you. Hazard on his day is amazing. Maybe at the moment silva in that front 7 instead of Hazard. Love silva he makes city Tick.

  7. Anyone else just suddenly stopped getting email notifications?

    Set as a safe sender and checked my junk . Just stopped altogether now like they did in my hotmail account ( use Google mail at mo)

  8. Early WC draft, thoughts appreciated.

    Elliot – Pereira
    Jones – Stones – Ward – Naughton – Suttner/Wimmer (4.4 to spend)
    Salah – Silva – Richarilison – Groß – 4.5
    Kun – Kane – Morata

    0.0 ITB

    I have 5 playing defs, is this too much? Should I opt for a bench fodder option instead of Suttner?

    Other team I have looked at.

    Elliot – Pereira
    Jones – Jomez – Ward – Naughton – Fodder(3.9 Rangel?)
    Salah – Sterling – Richarilison – Zaha – Delph
    Kun – Kane – Morata

    .9 ITB

    Silva > Sterling
    Stones > Jomez
    Suttner > Rangel
    Groß > Zaha

    A few big losses to bring in Zaha. Should I look to lose Riccy instead if I want Zaha? I feel that defence is far too weak. If Smalling was nailed I’d get him, I have 5.4 max for a def if I take out Jomez/Naughton.

    Feedback appreciated

    1. Jomez? Liverpool’s Gomez

      I would prefer a playing GK, keep an eye on Foster injury as Myhill (4.0) may play for a while. To find .6 for a starting keeper, Watford have a playing 4.0 at the moment and could you switch Ward & Naughton 4.6 to team mates at 4.5. You probably bought already at 4.5.

      On the second lot with .9 itb why are you moving Silva to Sterling. For Zaha that seems like a lot of downgrades, but don’t quiet understand the .9 itb bit.

      Mids and Fwds look good in each. Spend the .9itb so we can get a better understanding of your team

      1. Cheers G75, I had that .9 spent it could have got me Lovren/VVD they seem to be the best at 5.4. I wasn’t sure about them so to ask the question to the community I just stuck in a 4.5 def.

        Yep Jomez = Joe Gomez 😀

        I got Naughton @ 4.5 but paid 4.6 for Ward, I might look at teammates to see if the extra helps.

        7,6,2,2,3,2,1,1 is what I got from my 2 playing keepers in 8 GWs. 24 points. It’s just sorta made me give up on the position, from Stoosh’s article earlier in the season, I’m looking at keepers as just a way to save money. Unless you go premium there seems to be no point.

        I’ll take a look rework the team and come back.


        1. Gk – understand, have been looking at Jomez he seems to be the league choice at the moment. With Klopp still a bit of a gt risk, but Klopp does seem to play his def for the full 90 so at least no 1 point cameos. Wouldn’t be keen for double LIV def.

          I prefer the 1st team.

          1. I’m not sure about Jomez, have been looking at him. I had Trent Alexander-Arnold (TAA) all season, thought it was a shrewd pick, but Jomez has had more games. Not sure if this is because he is Klopp’s number pick or has it more to do with the red Jomez got in Europe, meaning he could only play league games. It started with TAA in the league and Jomez in Europe until he got that red. Will it revert once his ban is served?

            I’m usually blinded by my red goggles, so I am not sure if he is actually a good pick, 4.5 for top 6 team sounds great but rotation risk is always a fear.

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