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  1. Picked a non Champions League squad for Week 9 in 5 minutes. 2.7 itb couldn’t spend it all. Result 67 points. Main Mob 35 points. There were points out there. Even my draft team with no Captain’s double got 47 points. Having a rethink. 🤔

  2. Recently awakened blind casual in me think’s Aguero back in for Jesus this week, thoughts ? Upto 616k so now it’s getting close to where decisions matter a little bit 😆

    1. Not the worst play in the world, for sure. I am thinking the same thing. There will be some 2-pointers along the way but at least you won’t miss out on the big numbers.

  3. What a massive stress that game week was.

    Note to self: Buy Kane after Man U and don’t sell him again. I only got away with it because no one in my mini leagues captained him.

  4. There are certain things that just sort of defy reason. Like if Galileo’s apple floated down and when it hit Galileo’s head, floated back up.

    Morata, having been subbed in the 64th minute on Saturday, on a YC, in a completely nondescript performance, and whose replacement played absolutely fantastic . . . is close to a price rise.

    Maybe this takes a doctorate in physics to explain.

    1. One of Aguero and Jesus will always have limited minutes so that almost feels like a waste of an attacking slot. Makes the captain choice even harder too.

    2. I see. I’d have Aguero instead of kaku but then again at the moment I’d also have Jesus, Kane, or Morata instead of Luku.

      1. Problem is like PlanG says … MCI’s rotations.
        You can never say who will play … Agüero or Jesus or both of them.
        And it’s too much money to have one of them on the bench.

        Morata/CHE next 4 GWS: two easy and two tough
        Kane/TOT: two easy + two tough

        Would like to collect in before Lukaku’s price fall … maybe tonight!

  5. So I got rid of Ramsey for Sterling….great move…and I left my WC to keep Lukaku against Huddersfield meaning I lost out on Aguero and Otamendi’s points!! Few red arrows but onwards and upwards!
    What do you all think of my WC team:


    Bench bit weak but can’t have it all …any opinions or ideas appreciated!!

    1. Mbemba’s run of games seems to be over, Mariappa at Watford at 4.0 is getting some gt due to injuries. With a Midfield 3 can you afford to a rotation risk in Sane, would D Silva at the same money be safer if not as explosive? Smalling for Jones if he is likely to be out might need a bit of itb.

      Personally I’m binning my 4-3-3 and going for a couple of the mid price MIDs who have performed well up to now.

      1. Cheers G75 and Spike! Waiting to hear about Jones …if out for a while I was considering Jones/Otamendi > Smalling/Stones but looking at next 2 fixtures I may go for Southampton defender instead!? Mariappa is a decent shout although think he’ll lose his place too next week or so as injured come back! Totally agree about rotation risk with Sane (Sterling bit me last week so I should learn) although he has featured in every game so far this season(even if only 8 min) and does play the wingback role so bit safer than Sterling! Silva is the safe option but he’s 0.1 out of reach unfortunately (got Sane at 8.5)
        Could do Sane/McArthur > Ramsey/Gross but I’d then have selection headache each week!?!🤔

          1. Good point!! Might give Sane a week or two and drop him for Silva if doesn’t get the gametime!!👍🏻

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