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  1. I wonder has anyone been thinking about strategies to use if one is seriously behind? Or of course has, stupid question, but I started to wonder after sensing some despair.

    I broke first time into top 3 million just to get red arrow last week and lost 300k. The leader in our mini league is in top 70k atm, but I am going to try to catch him or at least give him some sweat 😉

    I have been trying to build team value, but taken probably far too many point hits in money game (40+ total). Anyway, tomorrow my squad value + money itb should reach 104.00 million. Atm I have 1.6 million more than the man to catch. But I am about 120 points behind because of rookie mistakes and pure bad luck.

    In the lead you can be careful and not to put all eggs in the same basket, but the more you are behind, the more U have to risk to make it even possible to catch the gap. One possibility would be to invest in fewer teams instead of having 1 def etc from the big ones. For example, if U trust Burnley defense and have Ward already, buy Mee and Pope also. Or if U think that Leicester is much better without Shakespeare, then consider Vardy, Gray and Mahrez or at least 2/3…

    Yes, risks are bigger, but with good luck U at least have a chance. If U play like everyone else and are already behind U are doomed to lose.


        You mean this?!? Sorry, I am new to this site, but the cause of “my repetition” is not me being lazy to read. It may be my android, the headers of the sight or just my wine tonight.

        If a newcomer enters a new web sight (for him), he probably will read the most important articles, but not all old(?) weekly previews.

        Anyway, if I do face this problem, so will many others. Maybe introduction to the site would help or something?!?

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