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    1. No, but my Pro Cup opponent has him as VC with the armband on Kun. I can’t believe I’m saying this as a non-Kun owner, but I hope he starts!
      Well ok, comes on for a one minute cameo 😉

    1. I cannot believe I dumped him in my WC in GW3. He’ll be 9.5/9.6 mil by the end of the IB. But note Mane had 2 assists and 2 BPs. A bigger upside imo, and slightly cheaper.

        1. Looks very much like game on to me, Mc.

          I coach a high school team now. For 15-16 years I coached U16-U18 girls and boys, for a local ‘premier’ club, i.e., players from a number of local communities, playing in a state wide league.

      1. “even Mane”

        Easy fella, when he’s back on song, Mane and Salah are both going to be ‘must-haves’, and likely you’re only going to be able to have one.

        1. At start of season I was part of mane mania. He did me proud and I thought he would be the best scoring mid in the game. Now salah tales that mantle. I’ll try and grab both as I’m thinking Vardy to Murray if i go without lukaku

      1. Over .5 goals is a banker for locked in bet, so you can go adventurous on free bet. Way MUN play i am scared playing over .5 goals on max stake 😆

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