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  1. Hi guys im in a head 2 head league but im struggling a bit are there any specific strategies i should be employing. Eg both myself and my opponent this week both have jesus in common should i chuck the armband on him the hope he doesnt to guarantee double points?

    1. Captaining a player you both own isn’t a strategy in itself. Is he likely to captain Jesus? If so then mimicking him is a good way to keep the distance between the two of you but it is still a long season. One of his differentials might deliver and he’ll overtake you.

      Playing the copy-cat strategy against your second placed ML rival only really works in the last couple of weeks of the season IMO. Unless the gap is huge…

      Best of luck.

  2. 2FT’s £1.1m ITB
    Just enough to be able to do :
    Lukaku and Silva ➡ Kun and Mane

    Silva’s impending price fall will close the option off.

    Current team:
    Forster, Elliot
    Stones, Jones, Mee, Duffy, Naughton
    Salah, Silva, Sterling, Richarlison, Carroll
    Kane, Lukaku, Abraham

    Madness to act this early in IB?
    Madness to transfer out the most owned forward in the game before successive home games against 2 promoted sides?

    Hit the button on the transfers OR Just hit the OFF button?

    1. I will not say anything about MCI assets anymore, it’s boring now to repeat. At that price you need to start and not worried about Pep team sheet, prefer a misfiring Luka in team because he is expected to be on the pitch.

      1. Thanks, Ceci. No, it always bears repeating! Otherwise, as they say, those who fail to understand the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat it!
        When I brought in Sterling, it was a conscious decision that I’d take the risk of the downtime on an £8.0 Mid, but not on a £11.5 Fwd! To have both would just be risking Carroll &/or Naughton starting every week!
        Head being turned (not just by ML rivals Kun(c) this GW) but also tbf by underlying stats which show Kun had almost as many SIB (12) as Lukaku (13) in the last 6 GW, despite only starting 3 times and only playing 226 min, compared to Lukaku’s full 540.

        1. Let me be clear, i don’t like Luka in that MUN setup. It’s all good when you play draft game ( got triple MCI attack in my draft ) but in a weekly season long game you need a player who starts. There is a wave of teams loaded with MCI assets in every league, everybody has to pick their poison and stick with it. There was Lukaku wave earlier on too 😉

      2. Meh, I disagree.

        I have both Sterling and Aguero. While there’s a good chance I go Sterling -> Pogba, I’m not upset about owning him.

        I think we need to get away from looking at this game on a GW by GW basis, but rather across the season – and the reality is that Aguero is going to play a good number of games and score tons of points along the way, while Sterling is going to outscore most at his price range (although when Pogba returns that might change).

        1. Thanks, llama. Really appreciate the the thoughts.

          I’d feared owning both Sterling & Aguero and then see that you do and you’re sitting comfortably in the top 100k, 200k places above me.

          It’s a change of mentality to accept players may miss games but still deliver high points returns, but as I kept Kane and benched him when he was injured and accepted the blank week, perhaps I’m starting to get my head around it…

        2. I also appreciate you raising the idea of Sterling to Pogba as a future move. For me, this would minimise the City rotation risk whilst at the same time gaining access to Utd for their attractive fixtures with a player whose FPL returns matched Lukaku’s in that early part of the season.

    2. I would fear going this early, but I do like those transfers. At the end of the day, Aguero remains the most potent force in FPL aside from perhaps Kane and this year City have taken attacking football to a whole new level. You only need to sort forwards by the ‘total score’ parameter to see Aguero, leading having missed three games altogether and come off the bench in a 4th.

      I also think one of Mane or Salah are – no one’s essential I guess but – essential. When both those two are on the pitch together Liverpool are as dangerous as anyone but City. If those two can remain fit most of the season I would bet Liverpool finish second in goals scored.

      1. Thanks Stoosher. Much appreciate the thoughts – and the counterpoints to Ceci (& OD) re guaranteed starters. It gives me much to ponder.

        Thanks for the views re the Liv mids (but also the caveat re early xfers) – I’m going to move on Mane now and take the risk re IB but hold back my other FT.

    3. ManU have a great set of fixtures now, would keep him myself, especially if Pogba comes back, since Pogba has been out, Kaku has been mostly outside the 18 yard box according to MOTD last night, now they play the teams outside the top six, could get another goal run.
      Agree with Ceci, need a guaranteed player for your team rather than wondering if you have a forward or not. Not sure if the 1.1m ITB gets you Silva to Mane, but LIV have great fixtures too, just his Senegal fixtures that would be a concern. Could also upgrade Silva to Sane. So either 2 LIV, or 2 ManC in midfield would be the choice maybe.

      1. Cheers OD. Thanks very much for the thoughts – in particular it’s prompted me to split my FT’s – it’s only Silva’s price fall which is a constraining factor – and I can do Silva to Mane whilst still protecting £ for the 2nd move..if I go there…later in the IB.

    4. Thanks everyone – I really appreciate all the feedback – fascinating thoughts on either side of what seems to be a fault line in approach.

      I’m going to take the risk of 1 early FT Silva ➡ Mane (which protects my £) and keep 1FT for now for unforeseen IB issues – this will still leave me £0.3 ITB enabling me to do Lukaku ➡ Aguero closer to the end of the IB when I’ve thought things through a little more.

    5. I love them moves. You know the risks doing it now though. I’m one who believes you need 2 attackers from city. I’m contemplating kun sane sterling myself.

      I see more points in the players you bringing in than the ones your selling

      1. Thanks RDL. Appreciate your thoughts. Great divergence of opinion, as you’ll have seen!

        I’ve done Silva to Mane tonight before Silva falls (which looks likely if not tonight then in the next day or so).

        You’re right, if I go all in, I do so with my eyes wide open – and probably more importantly, with a different mindset that treats no-shows the same as if they were playing blanks, if that makes sense.

  3. For anybody who has Alli.

    ‘He played 90 minutes against Real Madrid but it is only a very small thing. It was a risk for him to play today but for Arsenal he will be ready to play.’

  4. Is Eriksen playing in a slightly deeper role for Spurs at the moment?

    I haven’t broken seen any stats or heat-maps but on an eyeball test he’s looked a bit deeper over the last couple of games. Has anyone else noticed this?

    One of Kane or Dele has been missing in these games, which may be no coincidence in terms of a slight system tweak. 3 blanks in a row does raise some concern for someone who I had considered a set-and-forget guy

    1. Just eyeball observations as well, but I think the main issue in Tottenham’s performance was Kane looked tired and/or concerned about his hamstring or the knock he took early on. He didn’t look quick or incisive in his movement to me (sitting on my couch 2000 miles away, of course). The second observation is that with Son in the game, you have a guy who seems to naturally run beyond Kane meaning Eriksen looks deeper without being deeper. He had a couple pops from the 20 yard range, quite normal but he was not getting beyond Kane with Son filling that role. If you have him, it seems to me he’s a season hold; all of the good players have a few weeks of blanks on occasion.

      1. That sounds like a very logical explanation. I haven’t been able to see many live games in the last couple of weeks so purely based on highlights (which often don’t tell the whole story anyway).

        It’s certainly no time to panic, he’s a premium asset and can only really judge once everyone is back. Hopefully that is just the case – i was worried he was moving into a similar role to KDB at the beginning of the season.

        1. I got rid of Erikssen and no regrets. Richarlisen has given me so far more points and money. According to understat Eriksen is not doing atm as well as last season. xG90 has dropped from .25 to .19 and xA90 from .33 to .27. Imo that is significant drop and he will not get over 200 points this season.

  5. Not making any rash moves just a hypothetical question. Would you splash out the extra 0.3m for Ward of Burnley? Or would you opt for the cheaper options in the form of Lowton and Mee?

    1. Funny you should ask that. Was looking this morning as I need a BUR defender to cover the clean sheets they are getting for my ML competitors, decided I would rather pay the extra 0.3m to get a winger instead of a full back, seems my current strategy is with wing backs.

        1. Ok lets flip the coin, have you ever been .1 short of transfer for one of the big boys ? We are talking about 1 cross every 2 games for crying out loud 😉

      1. These stats represent the totals for both Mee & Ward in their time at Burnley (3 seasons)

        Ben Mee (78 appearances ) 3 goals 1 assist

        Stephen Ward (57 appearances ) 2 goals 2 assists

        Mee get’s lot’s of chances, as you’d expect with Burnley’s style. What surprises for me, is Ward has the two goals and two assists on 11 shots ( 8 in the box and 3 outside).


    2. Mee all day long… ward gotnhis goal at start of season v Chelsea and prob won’t get another , mee is due a goal and has been unlucky on a few occasions… that is the only difference except the .3 which will come in handy when going for a stronger asset..

  6. Gro$$ or Zaha?


    -involved in 7/11 goals
    -1m cheaper


    -Mint fixtures
    -potentially OOP
    -Good attacking stats(Similar to Richarlison if taken P90)

      1. I’m thinking zaha over charlison. He’s appalling at home. Poor for baps but annoyingly good away.

        Only worry is that worthless lump is back soon so there goes the OOP.

        Not sure myself at mo

        1. @RDL I’m in a similar position I have gross and Chopu ATM but thinking of doing foster and Chopu to speroni and zaha or Richarilison
          Does anybody know if speroni is looking like a permanent fixture in goal for palace now or is Hennessy injured

      2. Ps Groß gets baps just for being Pascal Groß. So that’s in his favour. He’s over-achiving imo though so wether he keeps it up or not im not sure. Certainly hope not as he’s the most frustrating player for a non owner

        1. Yeah, the 4 guys at top of my ML I’m chasing down all own Pascal. I can see another 5-6 pts incoming in 8pm game vs Stoke on Monday.

    1. Started with Pascal on WC and moved on to Zaha, even if you take away OOP angle he is lifeline of their attack and he is always trying something wingers don’t do this days 😉

        1. Yes, but when looking deeper Knockaert is starting to get more involved too. In any case picked the expensive one because of eye test and it’s WC so downgrading on a FT is much easier but upgrading would be impossible. If worried about price then stick Pascal in, we have about 7-8 decent cheap MID options to pick from.

          1. He has looked bright but needs to start more like some exciting FWD players for EVE, once you know he is safe you can slot him in 😉

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