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  1. A. Haz
    C. I’d go Foster (Newcastle are poor defensive unit without Lascelles & Merino)
    D. No idea…I’m having the same dilemma myself (leaning towards Kane)

    1. I do..this is because of their UCL game which they have to win to maintain top of the group..morata and hazard also in the same situation with salah..chelsea need to win against A.Madrid to maintain..

    2. I’ll love to captain Salah but the fear of rotation sway me to captain Kane instead and VC Lukaku..Spurs and Man Utd need some catching up to do in PL so they will field strong 11 as their UCL they need to get 1 point to remain top of their group..they can rest players there..this is solely my view on the situation..

      1. Thanks MI FFC.
        Had the armband on Salah initially but concerned enough to move it.
        Is it madness to think of putting it on Mane (even though I have Kane as the ‘safe’ option’) do you think?

        1. Not madness. I fully expect Mane to start and I expect a big result against Stoke.
          Sturridge should be dropped and I expect Salah to play too

        2. IMO, Mane had been rested so Klopp wont bench a player like Mane twice in a row and Firminho as have Kane, Mane and Salah in your team..? But the captain choice is certainly up to you…

        3. Cheers guys.
          As I do have a Pool double up in mid & Stoke don’t look as strong at the back & conceding more at home than in previous seasons, it is giving me pause for thought.

  2. Pope
    Walker Cahill Moreno*/Mee*
    Pogba Sterling Salah Choupo
    Morata(c) Kane Rashford

    I think Morata will start as Bashtuayi is injured still, might be dropped for weekend fixture.
    Should I start Mee or Moreno? Leaning towards Mee but have Pope in goal and think Liverpool will do a job on Stoke!

    1. I’d have said Mee over Moreno simply because (if memory serves) all bar 1 of ‘Pool’s CS have come at home.
      But if you’re concerned over a BUR double-up & want to split the risk, then go with your gut which seems to suggest you fancy backing your ‘Pool man!

      1. Cheers, went with Moreno in the end.. Rashford was dropped, really hoping not many others do, don’t want to fall out of the top 2.5k

      1. I’d be worried that I’ve missed the points party. 2 goals and 2 assists in 3 games, but at 4.9 and ever present in MAU seems like minimal risk. Chance to make a .1 or 2 when swapped out for Carroll as you said.

    Top 10K Overall
    1 Morata CHE 26.9% 1 Lukaku MUN 18.0%
    2 Kane TOT 20.6% 2 Kane TOT 17.5%
    3 Hazard CHE 14.7% 3 Morata CHE 11.9%
    4 Salah LIV 12.1% 4 Salah LIV 9.0%
    5 Aguero MCI 10.8% 5 Aguero MCI 8.1%

    1. Just watched the Tottenham game having got through the day without seeing the scores. Puel has understood Leicester immediately and got them playing again in the manner they won the title.

      I think Tottenham spend too much time trying to find Kane when they have other guys who can score. And Trippier and Davies look miles better than Aurier and Rose.

        1. This doesn’t just apply to Kane.

          Pretend the top strikers are mids. Compare points. Compare price tags. Would you pick them?

          Lukaku is trickling along very nicely but he still represents poor value at that PP.

          Vardy gets a lot of stick on here but he represents excellent value and funds up moves to Salah, Sane, Hazard – all 3 in some cases! The same applies to Morata to some extent.

          1. I think its fair to say the Big 3 strategy has not worked mainly due to the difficulty of getting the Captain right. About a third of the budget on 3 players that have not produced enough. Kane at home in particular.

            But Captains may be even harder to get right with budgets being spread into midfield.

          2. I’m not sure I understand the stick Vardy gets. He’s a 150-160 point guy and seems priced right; like Firmino – so either you can deal with it or not. Inevitably there will be a few 4-6 game blanks. It’s frustrating and as a manager I struggle to take the long view on these types of forwards (see Giroud a couple of years ago). But at 4.0 mil more, I really need Kane to be a lot more consistent. I’ve had Kane all season (except for GW4, punished) but with Hazard and Sanchez now fully fit and hitting on all cylinders and with 2 big scoring City mids – and Salah – I am starting to question Kane’s price.

  4. How does Alan Pardew keep getting hired ? A mediocre to poor manager who I suspect will insure West Brom go down. He’s got a Pulis team, built to defend and Pardew has no defensive bona fides as a coach whatsoever. So, the one strength the team has will inevitably suffer. Unless he is backed heavily in the window, goodbye West Brom.

    You can criticize their football, but Pulis and Sam Allardyce have proven, effective systems for mediocre to poor (in some cases atrocious, see Sunderland) teams to stay in the Prem. What good is ‘Premier League experience’ if it is all bad ?

    1. Thanks Stoosher that’s a question I wanted answered (Pardew defensively). Despite all I have seen of WBA this season I still think they have good value defensive options. If Sam had come in I would be buying WBA stock.

      1. Agreed, but . . . that was the Demba Ba/Papiss Cisse year, no ? Cisse had like 13 goals from January on. I think there is a difference between riding two red hot strikers having the (half) seasons of their lives and managing successfully over a few years Newcastle stayed up the following year by the skin of their teeth and he was quickly fired the following year after a nightmare start. He’s also made a couple of cup finals as well. Blind squirrel and all that. To be fair I guess, he seems to have some initial success but then his teams suffer catastrophic failure. Maybe that’s a more accurate way to put it.

    2. I’m no pulis fan , far from it. But pardew is a total clown. His football will be better to watch but I’d be fuming if I was a baggie

    3. Pulis linked with Swansea, he might be back sooner the expected way things going on at SWA. Pardew is not so bad but we can say bye bye to shutouts under him :loll:

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