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  1. Think that it is now wild card time after a possibly premature move on lukaku out for Morata. Still to see if its a good one or not!

    What would you do with this squad? I know you have said to work on the defence but not sure what would be the best option. Have marked with * the players that have to go. don´t know re Gross or not!

    Gross/Richarlison/Hazard/Alli/*oriol romeu*

    1. Get Salah asap and a DEF, there’s no need to WC just yet. Get another DEF the week after, don’t jump to conclusion’s too soon they had over 50% shots outside the box and Ashley young-Lingard were on their yearly alloted game of the year 😉

      1. would you swap alli or hazard for him or take a -4?
        have 1.4 itb and only 1ft as jumped the gun on kaku out for morata thinking kaku would get banned and he didn’t!!

        1. Alli ➡ Salah, Alli struggling for his quota of SoT and Hazard racking them up. If you got 3 defensive starters for next week then avoid hit and sort out on another FT. In Davies you have a expensive asset so you don’t really need to jump the gun fast 😉

  2. Took Aguero out to get Hazard in as I was sure Aguero would be rested now have Salah, Hazard, Azpi, Jones, Elliot, Speroni all not playing 😡😤😠

  3. I’ll be watching City from behind the couch, under a blanket. Let Aguero go ahead of last weekend and have only David Silva as a City asset. Oof. I’ll be screaming for those Southampton lads ! As it stands, I’ll be welcoming Ahmed Hegazi’s inevitable 1-pointer and Tom Carroll’s splendor of points into my side.

  4. Do not panic people. We all knew this was a risk. It’s a long season.

    The only one that’s taken me by surprise is Sterling starting yet again. I have no clue what goes through Pep’s mind.

  5. Brady finally delivering for those who had the patience to hold – not me I’m afraid my ‘season keeper enabler’ has long since gone😉
    A goal and another assist tonight means he’s got almost the same no of points as Choupu….

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