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    1. I personally hate it when a team wins it so deep into stoppage time especially if it is against a lesser team that applied themselves to keep them out. I hated Fergie for that and Pep is going that way too 😠

  1. Is that 3 x 90 mins Sterling has played in a week now? He surely has to be rested on the weekend?

    Something to bear in mind if you’re thinking of jumping on the price rise.

    Then again it is Pep.

    1. According to BBC Sport report
      Pep :
      “I was telling Nathan Redmond how good he is at the end. Southampton have some super talented players, Redmond is so good one against one. But they didn’t’ want to play, they were time wasting from the ninth minute. I just wanted them to play.”

  2. A red arrow for me but my round went better than I thougtht after I saw those team line-ups last night.

    Thank you Salah…. I’m delighted that my biggest ML rival refuses to get him in.

    Seems that Sane was ill which is why he didn’t make the squad. Hoping he recovers for Saturday as I really need him starting and returning.

    1. As a Salah non-owner, it was painful to see him come in to score a brace… But I was the one to blame when I chose the leftside pick Coutinho… I thought I was being smart…

      My next plan is even worse… get Ramsey out for Sanchez…

      I´m desperate 😆

  3. Hi!
    2ft, 0.3 itb

    I have thought about swapping firminio and eriksen -> niasse and hazard. Not sure about niasse.. maybe Rooney is going to get more playtime after his hattric.. thoughts

    1. I might stay the course. Eriksen historically goes through these blank periods before exploding again. I wouldn’t bet on Niasse unless you are going full-on 3-5-2. Big Sam historically likes a big man up front (‘where have you gone Kevin Davies, a lonely nation turns its eyes to you’ (apologies to Simon & Garfunkel)) and I would not be surprised if he goes into the market in the January window to look for a big and more consistent striker (off the top of my head I wonder if he might not pay over the top for someone like Vokes or Wood at Burnley). Unsworth mentioned Rooney as playing deeper going forward and I suspect he had a chat with Allardyce on that topic as well.

      A guy that is going on my watchlist with Big Sam in charge is Sigurdsson. Allardyce emphasizes set pieces and that could be a gold mine for Sigurdsson. He also likes someone in and around his front man to pick up scraps. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rooney drop a bit deeper as the midfield QB and Sigurdsson slotted in as the #10. Contrary to his reputation, Allardyce likes high skill mids and I think Sigurdsson is a player right up his MO.

      Obviously, all very wait and see with Everton now though.

      1. Jajaja nice Kevin Davies bit 😂 to think I owned him for large parts of my inaugural FPL season where I didn’t had a clue and learned the game week by week! 😂 i think he was on my gw1 team too! Those were the days!

    1. Just had a look through the sports pages of the two Newcastle local papers but can’t find anything that gives us a pointer either way.
      The Echo didn’t seem to reflect your friends thoughts fwiw – a poll of readers before the WBA game resulted in a call for 4 changes – but Elliott wasn’t among them.
      The Chronicle did comment that Elliott being dropped had been a surprise but also said that its the 4th time Benitez has dropped a keeper in his time there – Darlow being a victim twice before.
      My guess and it is just a guess, is that Darlow will stay for the time being – until either a poor run of performances (his or the team) lead to Benitez changing it again. But as I say that’s just a hunch, not based on any true info.

  4. Hi guys, anything that needs doing to my squad or HNR for 2 FT’s next gameweek? Thanks.


    Elliot-Gray-Lowton-Mariappa 0.4ITB

    1. If you’re not uncomfortable holding Trippier and taking the uncertainty of starts (& indeed the uncertainty of Spurs defensive form) then H’n’R as you have Mariappa & Lowton, if he’s fit) as cover.

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