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  1. Hi all. Could do with your help, please.
    Current front 8:
    Hazard, Salah, Coutinho, Sterling, Richarlison
    Morata, Firmino, [Quaner]
    1FT & NIL ITB. Still alive in the FPL Cup.

    I’m planning on Coutinho ➡ Son
    Is either Hazard ➡ Mahrez OR Richarlison ➡ Lingaard worth a -4?
    Any thoughts welcome.

          1. Cheers, mate. It would be Son or Lingaard for the armband for me, too, which perhaps answers my own question….

      1. No, not happy, both Morata & Hazard are on borrowed time – only Coutinho’s transfer and the fixture list has saved them.
        I had looked at Aguero but held off because of :
        a) the Liv game may not be an ideal fixture to bring him in for. I know it may well be a goal fest & I’m probably in the minority, but I fear a low scoring stalemate
        b) Injury update on Gabriel Jesus suggests he may be only a few games away from a return
        c) the spectre of Sanchez coming in which could further restrict game time

    1. Hi Cardio.

      Have you thought about the simple one?

      Coutinho > Lingard

      A non playing guy out for the price rising & form player that you want in.

      That’s my move this week. Just regrouping and licking wounds from last time round.

      1. Thanks KH. It had crossed my mind – I had a few on my shortlist for Coutinho ‘replacements’ – Son, Lingaard & Mahrez being my top 3 & I think I settled on that order of preference – though I confess there’s not a lot in it.
        Will muse a little further…

        1. It’s the safe move imo. Might be a bit boring, but for my team it makes sense. I’m actually considering a hit to get Alonso, I really want him, he just seems to be performing all the time. His stats are looking a bit insane, think I heard he averaged 8.8 points over last 6!

  2. Hi all. Been away for a while, needed a break from FPL after a horrid DGW & TC fail. How is everyone, hope you all have a good new year.

    Mustafi – Jones – Masuaku
    Dele – Salah – Lingard – Sterling – Arnie
    Bobby – Kane

    Pereira – Quaner – Mbemba – Kenny
    3.2 ITB 0FTs

    I don’t think I can bring myself to C Kane after he screwed me over. I’m beginning to hate the guy 🙁
    Armband on Salah at the min.

      1. I’m feeling really good about this game (as a pool fan) I think this is the biggest test for city in the league this season. If they get past this only Spurs & Arsenal away where they might lose the unbeaten run. In the game earlier in the season pool looked great, until the Mane red. I get where you’re coming from where it could be a stalemate, Liverpool have a great home record only 4 conceded all season! So yeah it could be a 0-0. It could also as easily be 5-4, we need an early goal. I think Delph might struggle if Salah out the right, could be perfect.

        I could take a punt and C Lingard, not much other options. Kane has left me hurting, and I’ve the fear of him playing a bus, he tends to not do well against them.

        1. Cheers KH. Appreciate the insights. I would agree Lingard would be an option base on his short term form and the fixture, but this season you’d have rarely gone wrong with the armband on Salah.

          I understand what you’re saying re Kane – at some point you’ll have to consider if you want to continue to hold the most expensive player in the game if you can’t trust him with the armband…..

    1. As stated above in reply to Cardio.

      Anyone think it is worth the hit for Alonso in for Kenny? I’ll prob be doing that move next GW anyway. Alonso is part of long term plan.

      1. Obviously the perceived wisdom is no hit for a defender, but as part of a long term plan I don’t have a problem with it – particularly if it’s for a defender who is as likely to deliver attacking returns as give you a CS. He is after all the highest scoring defender in the game, who puts to shame the returns of far more expensive attacking mids & forwards.
        It’s not necessarily consistent with a “re-group week” but it actually sounds as if you’d get some much needed enjoyment from doing it a week early – and the games about enjoyment, so if it feels good, go for it 😉

      2. Hi KH, unless price movement is an issue id wait and do it next week he would have to score 4 more than masuaku who id say is almost as likely to get a clean sheet.

  3. Hi All!
    Im left with two West Ham mids after the DGW.
    My Team:
    Jones/ Duffy/Masuaku
    Arnie/ Lanzini / Salah / Erikson /Sterling
    Kane / Firmino

    Elliot / Calvert-Lewin / Kenny / Mee

    Should I move Lanzini >Lingard, or hold and roll?

      1. Need a Leicester goal anyway, so annoyed that I’m loosing in my work ML to someone playing 5-4-1 every week with 3 CHE DEF (plus Vertongen & Otamendi!), and he’s got Alonso (C) this week too!

        1. I’m hoping for goals at both ends – all my ML rivals have at least one CHE defender, but I have both Hazard &Morata (don’t ask! I have no idea how I got there either!)
          I feel for you re your 5-4-1 ML rival – wow, that’s frustrating!

    1. He’s just come on as sub around the 33 minute mark. Anyone know if he qualifies for the clean sheet if the match goes to 90 plus?.

  4. Oh how I wish I had my FH West Ham mids from last GW.
    Arnie & Lanzini in fine form and very much in the points. 1 goal and 2 assists for Arnie and 2 goals for Lanzini.

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