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    1. No. Kun was a short term punt. You’ve missed the boat IMO. He leaves my team for Firmino as soon as Jesus is back. So 3 PL fixtures left until he’s fit again.

      Firmino has brilliant fixtures until the end of the season. No reason to touch him at all.

      1. Cheers GM and Stoosh

        I honestly think ” missing the boat is as much as an FPL myth as ” having cover ” but I do agree with the Firnino and Jesus coming back bit. I guess overall it’s a bad move

        Silva or Mahrez maybe for son as yesterday shows his main issue being consistency.

    2. I am not as enamored as many about Lingard. His purple patch is not in his history. At his price point it works, I guess. But I really like Son and Firmino. Given Son’s upcoming schedule, you could maybe get Silva for Son. I think Firmino remains good value. I think Shaquiri/Ox are real punts. I’d say no, maybe add Silva (assuming you have Sterling) and go with 2 City mids.

        1. Did you watch the game RDL? I’m delighted to own him but his form was not all that. 1 goal was a penalty, 1 was a tap in and the other debatably skimmed his hair before going into the net. Sane, Sterling or KDB would have seen the back of the net on another day. The chances just fell wonderfully for Aguero just like they do for many other city attackers on other weeks. He is not essential IMO.

          1. No mate I’m in Thailand at the moment so games are on really late and they don’t seem to show many prem games. Thanks for the update though. IAP sent me the kun goal. I still don’t see how it’s a goal but rival had KDB so who cares haha. I may hold off for now then. Thanks mate

  1. Repost from bottom of last page!

    Anyone know where I can find stats for goal kicks for match? Either live or after it’s finished. Tried the usual sources but can’t seem to find them.

    1. mate, I don’t recall ever seeing goal kicks stats anywhere. I had a look on reddit in fantasy FPL tools
      and no one there has it. I reckon it’s being tracked in the opta stats. I just don’t know of any free opta stats sites.


  2. RMT please chaps. Did Alli > Mahrez last night to capture the price rise and ship Alli before his nightmare 3 fixtures. 1FT left with 0.4m in the bank. I feel quite comfortable for the next GW so I think I might carry that one over so I have a bit of flexibility once the blank game weeks are confirmed. Kun will become Firmino once Jesus returns – this also allows Alonso to come in at some point without totally gutting the team.

    Jones, Otamendi, Yedlin
    Salah (VC), Mahrez, Sterling, Arnautovic, Lingard
    Kane, Aguero (C)

    Speroni, Ogbonna, Quaner, Zanka

    1. I think it looks very good right now. I would definitely hold one FT as we get 9 days now with some potential injuries in cup play. I’ve got Son but I am reluctant to move him despite the upcoming schedule.

      Read in The Guardian today that Chelsea are looking to add Dzeko and left back Palmieri. If so, that would end Alonso’s automatic status.

      As a more general question, I wonder if Mikhi goes straight into the Arsenal side. An option imo at 7.6 mil.

      1. Thanks Stoosh. Even with Palmieri I don’t see Alonso’s position under any real threat. He’ll cover injuries at best. If he was being signed in the summer then he’d have been their choice for the cup games.

        As I said below – anyone in the 6m > 7.5m sort of range is a possible Lingard replacement if he loses his place. Miki could be in contention.

        Either way I have a couple of weeks to monitor proceedings. I had originally planned to do this with Mahrez as I suspected he may make a move but it appears to be becoming less and less likely while he becomes harder and harder to ignore in FPL!

        1. I’ve missed the boat on Mahrez I think with the present composition of my team, but I’m a believer after watching extended highlights of yesterday.

          I have 2 FT ahead of next GW, so I plan to monitor cup results and get a feel for the blanks before making any moves. I’ve got too much money in my bench fodder (A.Young) and Richarlison who I feel I need to move and only 0.2 mil itb. I need to make some big decisions on who to back. I’ve got one eye focused on my FPL Cup run, so I may look at my next opponent assuming I get through this week.

          1. I think experienced players are guilty of comparing Mahrez now to the Mahrez in the PL winning season. I don’t recall what he cost but I remember he was dirt cheap. We probably look back, recall how cheap he was and think we can get better bang for our bucks today. At the end of the day you get a similar return on investment to Sterling who is considered essential.

            Most teams I see containing Mahrez are casuals who are chasing points and they’re doing quite well as a result. I think the more experienced chaps like those of us on the site probably hark back to Mahrez’s breakout season and think… who can we get for that sort of price nowadays? At the end of the day he’s still a bargain and has great fixtures between now and the end of the season with Leicester playing a style of football that produces goals.

    2. Good team I would consider upgrading one of your cheaper DEF to Gomez 4.7. LIV good fixtures over the next 5. Though you may need that .4 to find a new option if Sanchez goes to MAU and hurts Lingard gt. Cheaper options I will be looking at are Wilshere/Iwobi who may get more gt with said move.

      1. Remember I am doing a Kun > Firmino in a couple of game weeks so guys like Ramsey, Walcott, etc are potential replacements for Lingard. Gives me a couple of weeks to monitor them as well.

        Take your point about Gomez but he isn’t nailed enough for me. I think the game time on the flanks will be split fairly evenly between Moreno, TAA, Gomez and Robertson. Possibly Clyne when he returns…

        I think the extra cash may be better spent improving goal keeper option as well. Either upgrading Adrian to a heavy goal keeper or speroni to a nice rotating partner like Foster at 4.4

    3. I had a very similar team.

      Pope / Adrian

      Ota, Jones, Azpi (Ogbonna, Klavan)
      Son, Sterling, Mahrez, Lanzini, Lingard
      Kane, Aguero(c) (Niasse)

      I sold saturday injured Lanzini for Salah and Kane for Callum Wilson. 4.4 itb now and 2 ft:s gone. My plan is to do Aguero > Kane after 2-3 weeks. Was not happy to sell Kane and not getting Firmino is another risk. Bgw is coming and I was unable to find a better way to finance upgrades needed.

      With your 3 MCI players and Ogbonna + (Jones+Lingard) I recommend waiting, but would like to hear what are your bgw plans in both scenarios. Stephen Ward (4.7) for Ogbonna after next week or later if fit perhaps? He was 5.1 before injury, bps magnet, nice fixtures and not too expensive to be benched.

      1. Just because spurs have a a few tough games coming up now doesn’t mean you should sell Kane then bring him back after them. He’s one of the few players that can accumulate many pts against the tougher teams.

  3. I am wondering if Arsenal will actually get stronger now that the Sanchez deal is sorted. Arsenal often make a second half run into the top 4. I want to add a differential and am thinking about Ozil or Mikhi. Those two behind Lacazette seems ready made for Wenger’s style. Without Sanchez, does Ozil become the focus ? Any thoughts ?

    1. Arsenal was considered as a joke in the beginning of the season when they lost against Liverpool 4-0 without a single shot or something like that.

      Ramsay is also back and is important, so perhaps it is just better to wait and see. I doubt even Wenger knows what will happen. Bgw 28 is getting closer, so no ARS players for me before that.

  4. I have Mahrez, but I actually do not trust him. Even though he did deliver, he has not had enough shots and chances. So imo he may have been just lucky lately.

    Son was disappointing (needs Eriksen?) and next fixtures are difficult, so I consider getting rid of him even for a hit. Lingard is also a question mark, but after tot I want him against HUD and Newcastle. Would not transfer in atm, but not sell either.

    The problem with Firmino is that I do not trust him and he may start blanking again like earlier this season. Coutinho out might also be disadvantage. On the other hand Mané seems to be finding form and more minutes. Replacing Firmino if needed is more difficult than changing midfielder.

  5. I’m another one seriously considering rearranging my team for Aguero, my mini leauge leads have been closed or wiped out, but reading through this thread may have steadied my nerves

    I can do this for -8

    Pope JP
    Masuaku Jones Christensen Stones Hunemeier
    Sterling Salah Arnautovic Shaquiri Carroll
    Kane Aguero Firmino

    Worth doing?

    1. I really can never get behind a -8. I’d be more inclined to add a City mid for one of Alli or Eriksen. If you are desperate for Aguero, I’d think about a short term switch from Kane to Aguero.

      1. Cheers fellas. I’m backing away from the ledge.

        I didn’t see the game but from what I read up-thread I get the impression that Aguero won’t be hogging all the Man City goals. He’s put the fear into me for the next game week, though. My 2 closest rivals captained him and if it comes off again it will really hurt.

        1. McCarthy saved from Sterling from point blank range. Aguero’s hair gel scored the first goal. I always think it is a miracle if Silva does not get an assist when City score 3. Long story short, yes, Aguero is, along with Kane, the best striker in fantasy. But the City goals and points will be spread around.

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