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    1. Kenedy still looks like a guy you could rotate. The problem there is with these low score teams even a guy creating chances, no one to finish them off. Gudmundsson is a good example of that.

        1. Milo been massively overachieving . Not in value terms obviously but how many pens can a team get in a season. Clumsy Bentekke maybe?

      1. That Ritchie goal is an interesting one for my FPL Cup match. Kills the obligatory Jones BPs and evens up my DDG and my opponent’s Jones. It is all going to go down to my Firmino v. his Mane.

          1. I hope they get all 3 just like Burnley got a draw with MCI, some people don’t realize how great getting points against teams investing millions of money in their team is 😉

          1. Well, 2 Bobby F goals would do it no matter what, so I need a 2nd from the Liverpool man. Or a Matip tweak and substitution.

          2. You’ve got a lot of people on here rooting for you, which will hopefully see you over the line!

  1. From the previous page:

    Haha @RDL, that’s exactly where I’m at!!!

    But it could be genius to finally take control of the situation and sell him with fixtures coming up that don’t say explosion of goals, while everyone will be bringing him in?!

    Can you really see him getting massive hauls against Arsenal away or Chelsea at home? I don’t think so and then on top of that he might be rested.

    Let’s do it RDL, let’s be pioneers! #kunexitafter4goals 😂

    1. 🤣🤣 I’m heading that way. It be so nice if I could get kdb in somehow but this gw31 is so annoying

      You should all know by now to wait to see what I do regarding kun….and do the opposite .

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