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  1. Absolutely no doubt in my mind that Firmino is the man to come in for Aguero.

    The casuals will be left shook when he doesn’t haul against Arsenal, Chelsea and has ‘mysteriously’ disappeared in GW31.

    1. People are trying too hard across FF world to convince themselves Aguero won’t be dropped but a fit Jesus and we would never end up with 42 points from C 😉

      1. Yup but that’s in the past. And most of us canny managers have their wildcards left.

        Kun has a bit part to play in my season but not for the next 4 game weeks minimum. 2 difficult fixtures, an away match and a blank? Lets be rational here.

        1. I get burned by him season after season but the reason I do is because of this type of form. 3 goals vs Newcastle , 4 yesterday. He’s as essential as they come whilst he’s nailed. I do agree with points You made though. I can’t blame anyone for bringing him in or keeping

        2. Jesus back in 10 days or 2 weeks something, honestly if you have Aguero you sit on him ( best position to be in ) waiting for price rises and scoop in late for the Kane move. Can’t believe people didn’t read Pep wanting to rest Aguero but he had didn’t have options.

    2. I made a snap suggestion yesterday on here about keeping Aguero. But you look at how Firmino and Salah combine and given the schedule, I reckon I have to take back that comment.

        1. A bit of a reaction to 4 goals I suppose w/o thinking it through given the schedule ahead. He is so explosive in the highest scoring team, snap reaction. I’m not sure what I’d do if I had him. Probably would depend on whether I had him and Kane or Firmino. You would expect both Arsenal and Chelsea to keep it tight. But if I had him instead of Kane, I might hang on for another week or two. If I had both I might move him for Bobby F.

          1. I have Aguero Kane and Bobby what should I do? Also need to shift Willian and Azpi should I lose Aguero aswell?

          2. I’d hold Dan. Ultimate front line. Kun scores goals for fun and is fixture proof until we know Jesus is a risk again just carry on

    3. So -Kun out Firmino in- a no brainer in your opinion guys? Feels weird to drop him after scoring 4 indeed but I understand the reasoning… Is Jesus a certainty to be fit next gwk? I think ManC is capable of scoring against anyone and Arsenal defense not great plus Chelsea are having trouble right now (Bournemouth & Watford scored 3 and 4 against them, let’s not forget that!)

      1. It’s not a no brainer but it’s the move I am likely going to make closer to the deadline. Firmino has more merits than Kun in the short term IMO.

        City have 3 non PL games between now and their next PL match in early March. Jesus could well be back in contention for it.

          1. I had planned to hold’n’roll this week and have 2 FT in GW29. I am not well situated to ride out GW31 as we know it now. I had always planned to pull the FH chip in GW31. RDL cites to that FFS post about the GW35 FH chip which has me rethinking.

            If I am still alive in FPL Cup after GW28, I may reevaluate my plans. If I am alive going into GW31, I know I will want a full side so that’s a consideration.

            I botched my transfers this week; I should have just brought in Robertson or Naughton for Bellerin and saved a FT. I ignored some good advice from the community this past week. So I’ll be soliciting advise again and hopefully listen this GW28 🤔🙄.

  2. Hi all,
    First time I’ve popped on here since start of season due to real life taking priority over FPL. Sad to see the site is no longer doing articles.

    Just wanted to say a thanks to all and good luck for the future guys. It’s been a great run.

    Will try to pop on now and again while the members lounge is open 😉

  3. Thanks for Dan for the link of that dgw articlr article. Plan 3 is best imo.

    Casuals seem to be trying to get last weeks points and forget that fixtures and game time security matters.

    I am planning to do Kun to Kane and Otamendi to VvD or Robertson. Sanchez to Firmino is hardly worth -8.

    The funny thing would be MCI – Wigan draw 19.2 (MCI resting best players, unlikely but perhaps 13% chance). The feeling to have made big score with Kun, and others getting him for blank gw28 would be just fantastic 😉 And there is no knowing of possible blank before gw28 start.

    I will certainly stick to my original plan to have Kun over Kane for the last 4 and then get Kane back. Glad it worked out “as planned” 😉

    1. Sorry, incorrect info. Gw28 deadline is 28.2 so it is after MCI-Wigan. Anyway do not make early transfers to KdB or other MCI players before that.

      And those transferring Aguero in tonight before price rise, well… Stupid and at least very risky move anyway imo 😉

      1. Your right anyone transferring kun in in the next few days are mad. The three players I’d be looking to transfer in if I didn’t haven’t them at this stage would be Kane, Firmino, & Salah.

        1. Agreed Freddie. Sure, it may not work out but we do not have the benefit of hindsight right now.

          With all the facts available to us the 2 essential strikers for the next 4 game weeks are Kane and Firmino.

          Hopefully Aguero will go up 0.3m so we can all make a bit of a profit. A couple of drops due to blanks and we should be able to buy him back at close to the sell price if he becomes essential again. I’ll be looking at KDB instead tho.

          1. Don’t think it matters that much about gaining TV this time of the year when you’ve already used your second WC. When or if Jesus is back will kill Agueros min’s on the pitch. I wouldn’t be looking to transfer him in now if you haven’t got him. If you have him you can unload him when you think appropriate. I think that’s the sensible way to play it from here on.

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