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    1. Sturridge is fake. It’s well known in football circles he’s got a massive attitude and has a chip on his shoulder. He’s not very well liked in dressing rooms he’s been in. Particularly when he was at Liverpool.

  1. Alonso and Lingard will drop tonight. I do now that the move I made was not clever by any means and I am pretty likely to regret it. So they are out and I brought in Robertson and Mané 😉

    Yep, I have seen Mané play and he passed my eye test almost as well as Lingard 😉 Robertson is probably not nailed. At least they should not get injury in cup matches.

    Besides sales value (sv) this increases entertainment value (ev ;)). I have time to wonder and regret my transfers if something happens before next deadline. And now I have differential for bgw31. In the template team will be Salah (c), Firmino and VvD. I will probably have about 40% chance to beat that with my LIV players, but it is more than 0% with those three.

    1. It was a big score week for lots of managers. In my main ML the 3 guys above me all hit for 90+ and only 1 had Aguero(c), albeit one went BB with Niasse on the bench. My next FPL Cup opponent hit for 94 with Salah(c) this week.

      I dropped 70,000 place in OR with a score of 66, which I didn’t think was horrible. Shake it off, and move on.

      1. Unlucky. You are having an incredible cup run, hope it continues to final! Quick look to your next oponent he has a good team barring Pogba and Lingard. Judging by his name he is a terrible person, hope you beat him well.

  2. There seems to be a mass craze in selling Alonso over on ffs. What is wrong with people?

    Fixture proof when fit , if he is back then I hope it burns them as much as I bet it will.

      1. I look at him as a midfielder who parks himself in the opposition’s box who gets CS , scores goals , takes free kicks and plays for a top side. All for a paltry 7 million

    1. Can understand their frustration and Chelsea have United and city away next..
      He could also be a rotation risk with new left back that’s come in with them still in fa cup and champions league

      1. He does well against big teams I seen to recall. It was only a few weeks ago people were ripping their teams apart to get him in. I think sometimes people have very short memories in FPL ( me included). A bit of patience can go far. The more that lose him the better for me

    2. That is very typical at FFS and one of the reasons I never read the comments. Huge herd mentality. And if anyone goes outside the received wisdom or template . . . well, expect abuse. If you are not one of the cool kids, don’t bother commenting.

      I am going to resist the urge to let him go despite the next couple of fixtures. Robertson is a really attractive option who would create lots of available cash. But Alonso is the 9th leading points scorer who I got in for ~7.0 mil. You have to be patient.

      I look at it like this – he has 6 goals (@6 points each) and 12 clean sheets (@4 points each). Not too many mid-price forwards or mids have the attacking equivalent of that.

      1. You put into words everything i think of that site in that 1st paragraph!
        “If you are not one of the cool kids, don’t bother commenting.” 😂😂 so much true in this.
        It was one of the reasons i fled from there, the critical point being that Benteke and Austin 2gwk a few seasons ago. That herd mentality got into me and i didn’t bought them despite wanting to. That was when i found this site. The way they mock you for silly things is insane, it is like a bunch of 11 y olders.

        Re Alonso i had awful luck with him. Got him for 7.1 from gwk 6 to gwk 16. Didn’t do much (14pts in gwk12 & three 6s, the rest 2s, 1s & 0s) so i sold him and from that point on he exploded. I don’t think there is a reasonably way to get him back but i would hold if i owned him right now.

        1. Before I joined ATFPL I would occasionally comment on ffs but you can’t really put any though into a comment before it’s buried by 6 guys trying to be flip or hipster ironic. And you quite literally cannot provide an alternative view to the template without being buried with comments equivalent to what you might have heard in high school if you arrived with your fly open. When we went dark I signed up for a membership to get the stats and the numbers based articles. A personal bug-a-boo of mine; aside from Mark’s wonderful Pre-Match Preamble, find the actual writing very pedestrian and clichéd. The actual writing is very template-y. Some of the crowd articles are okay. But 95% of the comments have all the merit of barnyard noises. And it has gotten worse over the years.

          I remember the Benteke/Austin conundrum. I remember thinking ‘I can’t go there’ but it certainly had a chance to pay off and I would never have criticized someone for taking a shot. And, indeed, it did pay off.

          1. Absolutely agree with everything, specially the writing thing. So imposing too, the way they write implies: “this is what we believe therefore what you should do or else you’re not cool”

        2. If you are going in for that price, Alonso has to be a season keeper. You are in or you’re not because in between those massive hauls there are plenty of 1 and 2 pointers and if you try to get in and get out you are going to inevitably be on board for the blanks and miss some of the hauls. I totally get not owning him because there is usually a guy in one of the top sides who is underpriced (see Robertson) and you can use the funds elsewhere.

          2 other guys like that for me are Hazard and Eriksen. Both can frustrate for long periods and then they will have little magic spells where they get 3-4 hauls inside of 6 weeks; then 4-5 weeks of 2-3 pointers.

      2. Nail on the head stoosh. Agree with every word.

        As for ffs you get a good few posters but most of them are clueless and just do what they told to do on the scoutcast. Lot of kids on there though so you expect the nonsense

        1. Yes, see above for more commentary on that topic. On another topic – your take on Dembele ? I thought he was incredible last night v. Juve, man of the match. He”s not a fantasy option, but he was incredible last night and most games when I see him. Hugely underrated, imo.

          1. Just read it and sniggered throughout . Barn yard animals and the going to school with fly undone 🤣🤣 . To be honest I got premium account after this site ended and I never use it any more. I don’t even read many of their articles. I much prefer fantasy football geek. I like their articles much no. The pre amble is well written but to be honest I couldn’t give a damn what Mark Sutherns does with his team so they pretty much irrelevant. I do think he’s a decent bloke though and Jonty seems a nice chap, the others on the scoutcast are pretty much non jobs so I think as an whole the site and the scout cast has declined considerably over the years. Such a loss when this site went dark. Hope one day somone somewhere will bring it back as it hosts such a more grown up and friendlier community.

            Dembele is one of our most important players. I’m sure I mentioned it on here last season how important I thought he was. Only problem with him is he doesn’t always stay fit and he can be lazy. Hes massive for us. Hazard once said that Dembele is a better player than himself and the best player he’s ever played with. Rember him at Fulham when he played a more attacking role and he was noticed more because of it. He has some great skill but he’s not the best finisher sadly.

            The only team I really fear in champs league is Barca and maybe City.

  3. Hi guys any advice? I’m a bit stuck with what to do about gw31. I would like to save my FH chip for gw35 as that’s when I play my main h2h rival. My team is linked I’m thinking by gw 31 to have changed Adrian/Azpi/Ogbonna/lingaard/Willian/ and maybe Aguero to 6 players with a game

  4. Wow, what a “what could have been” week for you. Template armband selection and play Naughton and you could have been near 120 points.

    I guess it depends on how much you have at stake in your h2h league. You’ve got some ground to make up to field a side for GW31 if I am reading your side correctly and it looks like you may be forced into the FH in GW31. Everyone and their brother will have Salah captained that week and you might be able to skate that week with 8. Of the teams that are already confirmed – Stoke/Everton/Liverpool/Watford – you only can see Liverpool with attractive assets. Maybe Shaqiri, Walcott, but 3 of the 4 defenses look a shambles. Of the ‘maybes’ that week – Bournemouth/WBA/Huddersfield/Palace – you are looking at some ‘hopeful’ options, maybe some BOU guys are attacking options.

    It looks like a low score week in any event unless Salah goes big; but everyone will have him and captain him. Maybe 8 is enough.

    1. Thanks Stoosh I was livid when Willian came on for a 10 minute cameo, I meant to pick Salah as captain but the Internet was down, I think I may need to save the FH chip for gw35. I was thinking of trying to get shaquiri/Wilson/Walcott/Fraser or stanislas/ Ake/ a GK/ and Hegazi in for gw 31

        1. They are, results against MUN,LIV, ARS and now comeback to draw against Juve away from home is just beautiful string of results. That team is locked in at this moment.

          1. Shame we had Wembley to get used as well as losing Walker. Think we would be pressing City a bit more than the rest have. Although I do think city are miles ahead of anyone else

          2. I was worried because Spurs were getting overrun in MID and 2 goals down in no time, but composure to get ball back and starting to push Juve back gradually got them a great result. Dembele and Eriksen were so important yesterday.

    1. The guy I was really, really impressed with was Dembele. Really impressed. The way he would receive the ball and just bolt through the midfield, drawing defenders, deeking and shrugging them off, and creating space for others was amazing. He was man of the match for me. Not a fantasy option but what a performance.

      1. We you describe a golfers action has being perfect then Dembeles action has a footballer is is perfect. The style has he flows across the ground and the majestic way he sidesteps with the ball is a pleasure to watch anf so pleasing on the eye. When the pros in golf say about a player that has a great golf swing ” that’s the perfect swing ” well if that’s the case Dembele has the perfect football action I’ve seen in football for a very long time. Seems like he has so much time on the ball….. Now if he could score goals like Son he’d be something else wouldn’t he.

        1. Dembele is like Kante/Casemiro/Fletcher when he used to play for MUN, nobody notices how important role they play because attacking players get all the plaudits.

  5. Pep confirms Gabriel Jesus “is coming back soon” with some reports suggesting he could return in the FA Cup on Monday. Yaya Toure is another who might be involved having been ruled out through illness for the past 3-4 days.

    Nathaniel Clyne has rejoined the main group in full training but Klopp insists the right-back will not feature anytime soon. “He’s been training for two days but after that long of a break, it will take time until he is able to play. Ragnar Klavan is fit for the game in Portugal while Jordan Henderson is in contention after he was rested on Sunday. Danny Ings and Virgil van Dijk have been added to the UCL squad but the game comes too soon for right-back Nathaniel Clyne. Klopp hopeful of having Gomez available after he missed the last 2 games. “Joe needs to have a test. It depends on how he looks in training and then I will start thinking about it. I don’t want to pressure or rush him [but] it would be cool if he is available. We will see.

    Ander Herrera looks set to miss the FA Cup fifth-round clash at Huddersfield on Saturday as he struggles to shake off the thigh injury which has kept him sidelined since the beginning of February.

    Wenger believes Lacazette could return by mid-March. “He got a surprising swell of the knee after the [Tottenham] game and he needed surgery very quick. He’ll be out for the next 4-5 weeks. It’s a massive blow for us,” he said on beIN Sports.

    Antonio Conte expects Olivier Giroud to be fit for Friday nights FA Cup fifth-round clash with Hull despite picking up a calf injury and having five stitches in a head wound.

    Angel Rangel is expected to be sidelined for around six weeks after going under the knife on Monday to remedy a persistent groin problem. The club-captain should be back to play a part in the club’s Premier League run-in after the successful procedure.

    1. What about Mane?!

      I think it’s a must to have 3 Lpool players for at least gw 28 – 31 (especially if not using FH for 31) now the question is Salah, Firmino plus either VVD/Robertson or Mane???

      1. Wouldn’t blame you bringing in mane its just I think having Liverpool defence might be the way to go with one mid from Salah or mane and Firmino up front. Don’t forget Salah is on pens too.

      2. Everyone of the top teams will have Liverpool players in their team by gw 31 De Bruyne and hazard ownership will be switching to either mane or salah for gw 31 also

    2. After last night, I am thinking about adding Mane to Salah and Firmino who are already in my team. Mane has really looked short of confidence (or overwhelmed at being supplanted as the main option as he so often was last year). Signs were there on the weekend when he fired in 5 shots. My feeling is he might kick on now after last night. I’m thinking about Robertson also for that great price. Can’t believe I let him go when Moreno returned to full fitness.

      The other good thing about the win last night is that Klopp can rest a few in the second leg.

      1. I’m looking at this. I know city have been conceding but do I really want to lose Otemendi for VVD. As in have the ox cluttering up my team it makes sence for me to rid him for a cheapie and downgrade Son. Son for me would be a season keeper but I’m now concerned. Why anyone would play lamela over him is beyond me but ….

        1. Rich now I am taking Poch at his word that it was because it was Italy and Lamela’s experience there. But also Son was due a break. He’s started every league game since GW15 and as you say he runs himself into the ground every week. I watch Spurs almost every week (on TV) and he looks to me their best player most weeks. So I am hoping this was just Son due a rest.

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