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“The articles have always been really interesting and good summaries of the week just past and what to look out for. My personal favourites are definitely The Weekend Numbers articles. They consistently pick out interesting statistics that undoubtedly helped my success. It was one of these articles that persuaded me to get Tadic before his big haul.”

Jambo 17 – Winner of 2014/15 ATFPL members league

“Best kept secret of last season. My previous best finish was in the 2011/12 season at 214,873th position. This season 2014/15, finished 901st position (Top 1K) out of approx 3.5 million fantasy league players. Lots of hard resourcing pre-season, and an astounding amount of help and statistics on ATFPL. The community spirit is absolutely superb. I’m quite lazy when it comes to stats, but there is a secret weapon in Tommy, who runs this site and is the stats king. I look forward to reading Captain Foresight, The Weekend Numbers and many more articles from the team, they help me make informed decisions on my team every week. If you want to improve your position, or win your Mini-League at work, jump onboard, you won’t regret it. Best move I ever made!”

Offshore Deserter – bet365 manager of month winner

“AllThingsFPL has a great community and continually delivers great articles. My target was to win my 2 mini-leagues… With the help here I won both by over 100 points and also achieved my highest overall ranking of 13k.”


“Without the help of I wouldn’t have been able to jump from 165k to 9.3k in 1 season. The wealth of knowledge in the community along with the contributors weekly articles really did help me up my game.”

Its All Pointless

“Bottom line, I went from a top 100,000 in the world ranking to a top 500 in the world ranking in one season, by going Pro. The biggest compliment I can pay ATFPL (and I’ve said this to Tommy before) is I don’t recommend it to my friends! If something is good I rave about it to mates, when something is ATFPL good I keep that as my little secret!”

Karl Hans – Finished 381st after becoming an All Things FPL Pro member