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Gain access to the gameweek action as soon as it’s happened with Player Statistics designed with Fantasy Football in mind. Find out who has had the most shots on target last gameweek now…..

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Premier League action translated, tailored & displayed for Fantasy Football success.

With a whole raft of statistics powered by Opta, the official data powering the game fed straight into our engine minutes after the final whistle has blown, fantasy managers get access to every event that happened in the Premier League moments after it happened. Manipulated and presented with Fantasy Football in mind, members get the information at their finger tips as to how their players have performed, which players delivered for their clubs both in terms of FPL points but perhaps more importantly those who didn’t along with insight into how every matchday was played out.

With all this data available, the thought process behind unleashing the wealth of vital information has been carefully constructed. For players this has meant the statistics have been grouped into four key areas;




Goal Threat

  • Appearances
  • Minutes Played
  • Clean Sheet(s)
  • Goals Conceded
  • Saves Made
  • Penalty Saves
  • Attempted Tackles
  • Tackles Won
  • Interceptions
  • Recoveries
  • Clearances
  • Blocks
  • Fouls Committed
  • Errors Made
  • Appearances
  • Minutes Played
  • Assists
  • Key Passes
  • Minutes per Key Pass
  • Attempted Passes
  • Passing Accuracy
  • Attempted Passes in the opposition Final Third
  • % of Play in the Final Third
  • Final Third Passing Accuracy
  • Open Play Crosses
  • Successful Crosses including Set Plays
  • Pull Back from Byline
  • Through Balls
  • Appearances
  • Minutes Played
  • % Involvement of Club Goals
  • Goal Involvement
  • Goal Attempts Involvement
  • Goal Attempts Assisted (Open & Set Play)
  • Shots on Target from players Key Passes
  • Shots off Target from players Key Passes
  • Big Chances Created
  • Big Chances Scored
  • Big Chances Missed
  • Dribbles
  • Successful Dribbles
  • Touches
  • Touches per Minute
  • Appearances
  • Minutes Played
  • Minutes per Goal
  • Minutes per Goal Attempt
  • % Shots on Target
  • % Shots inside the Box
  • % Shots outside the Box
  • Goal Conversion
  • Goals
  • Goals inside the Box
  • Goals outside the Box
  • Penalties Scored
  • Goal Attempts
  • Shots inside the Box
  • Shots outside the Box
  • Shots on Target
  • Touches inside the Opposition Box

player dashboard
The following filter options are available;

Select your desired club(s).

Fantasy managers have the ability to conduct their scouting ahead of the next important decision by filtering the available players presented down by club or even by multiple clubs. This allows for custom searches, designed to focus in on our next move to victory by presenting key players in comparison from the playing squads of those clubs you feel have an enticing run of fixtures ahead.

Select Player Position(s).

Pretty self explanatory this filter; fantasy managers have the ability to hone their searches down to a certain position be that defenders, forwards etc. Where this filter option comes into play is building upon the clubs filter. Having the ability to directly compare all midfielders from a certain club or even two or three – or ten clubs – is unique to the world of Fantasy Football and gives our members the perfect platform to succeed.

Where Played.

Isolating searches to either home or away performances can enlighten fantasy managers to those players who save their best form and thus Fantasy Football points for their home faithful or those away days out. It’s particularly useful after having cast your eye over the fixtures using our Season Ticker showing clubs who perhaps have four home games in their next six matchdays.

Gameweek Range.

Now we are really providing the tools to find exactly the information required to win your mini leagues sending a defiant message to your foes. Using the Gameweek Range filter fantasy managers can view specific sections of the season be that the current, last 2, last 4, last 6 gameweeks or even a custom range of any duration. What this filter does is highlight the now, gives the ability to view returning from injury players previous known form along with various permutations that may be required throughout the ten months of a season. But where the filter turns to gold is in combination with other filters. Taking the example above about midfielders from a certain club, now fantasy managers can quickly see how those same players are performing now, last month, at the start of the season or even in away matches in the last ten gameweeks.

As alluded the combination of some or all of the filter options makes the custom searches fantasy managers have available from a single easy to use interface the perfect scouting tool, manager tool, director of recruitment tool, whatever hat that fantasy managers requires to wear to be successful at any given point in the season. Here are some headline examples of the type of searches that can be done;

“Know which fullbacks are most involved in the final third creating chances, delivering balls into the box making them a dual threat for points”
“Know which forwards are feasting inside the opposition box, not only getting opportunity but also converting them and at what rate”
“Know who are the midfielders who pull the strings for their clubs in terms of passes and touches but who also have an end product with key passes, creating big chances and if their teammates finishing their good work”
“Find out which midfielders in the last four gameweeks have ventured inside the opposition box, attempting shots and more importantly finding the target, perhaps noting a change in playing assignment”
“Know which defender has kept the most clean sheets at home, completing his tackles and passes, raising his chances of receiving bonus points”

The options are only limited by the minds of fantasy managers

Player Comparison Tool.

Compare any two players from any position from any club over any gameweek range to help in your transfer decisions or even compare the same player over different gameweek ranges to highlight form. Make your transfer decisions easier today…

So you’ve narrowed your potential captain, transfer or bench dilemma down to just two players but you can’t find the justification for that final decision? Compare the pair using our player comparison tool.

The player comparison tool is a powerful feature that allows fantasy managers to directly assess the merits of two players by providing a head to head view as the players compete for your selection in over 60 stats. Add in the ability of restricting the comparison by the above gameweek range criteria and the permutations available to aid fantasy managers decisions just went up a notch.

Run comparisons such as show me Eden Hazard V Alexis Sanchez in the last ten gameweeks or show me Wayne Rooney in the first half of the season compared to his performances in the second half. Other examples could include show me James Milner against Jordan Henderson or John Terry against Branislav Ivanovic.

The output from your head to heads are delivered with tabular and graphical displays, a colour code system designed to make it as easy as possible to find the “winner” and the option to switch the stats by appearance or totals giving fantasy managers the flexibility to make the correct decisions and win.

Player Profiles.

Including Gameweek history how it should be done…

Our engine creates a profile page for each player that gives fantasy managers a complete overview of that certain target. Including the players next six fixtures along with the same complete coverage of his season performances, the data is also graphically presented for easier viewing.

Gameweek history; how it should be done! A bold statement but one we’re standing by and here’s why. On the website their history shows previous opposition, points scored, even bonus points but what good is the available data in projecting what points that player is going to get in the coming gameweeks? Very little! Our gameweek history doesn’t even include points but rather the key statistics of the players previous matchdays as it’s this underlying opportunity for points created by being involved in even that can lead to goals or assists that really matters in deciphering whether or not a player’s future points will be profitable.

Future points are not just calculated looking back at previous points scored. Future points are about the quality of the player in correlation with the quantity of opportunity for that player to influence the score sheet. That determines future points, which can all be determined and known within the available statistics right here.

Fantasy managers, welcome to gameweek history

Set Piece Takers.

Don’t except guessed set piece takers tables anymore. Get 100% accurate Opta data relating to set plays.

Deadball situations can really propel a player’s ability to perform in Fantasy Football. Know who is taking direct freekicks, who has corner duties, who has penalty duties and even who is dangerous from indirect freekicks.

And in combination with our player filters, fantasy managers can know these crucial assignments at any point in the season for any club. Don’t except guessed set piece takers tables anymore.

  • Appearances
  • Minutes Played
  • Set Piece Goals
  • Penalties Scored
  • Goal Attempts from Set Plays
  • Corners Taken
  • Direct Freekicks
  • Direct Freekicks Saved
  • Goals from Direct Freekicks

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